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Los Estudiantes de Artes Van a Espana

Art Students Travel to Spain for Spring Breakesting

03.21.12_Page_16_Image_0001Fifteen University students attended a trip hosted by Art Professor Vincent DiMattio to Madrid, Spain, for spring break.

DiMattio started taking students abroad in 1982. Spain was the main location of inter-est, but he has brought students to other countries including Italy, England, Greece, Prague (Czech republic), France and Amsterdam.

“Professor DiMattio is the greatest person at Monmouth. He is brilliant and so cultured,” said Andrew Edelman, junior. “Ever since I was a freshman I knew I couldn’t wait to study abroad. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to show me around Spain.” DiMattio hosts this trip every spring break, which lasted for 10 days.

“We took a two hour bus ride from the University to JFK Inter-national Airport. The flight was around seven hours until we got to Madrid,” said Carolyn Taylor, junior. “We stayed at the Hotel Regina, less than a block away from the Puerta del Sol in Ma-drid located in the direct center of the country and a hot spot for street performers.”

Edelman added, “In Madrid we saw the Prado museum, Reina Sofia museum, Thyssen museum, Puerta del sol, Sorolla’s house and studio, Shogall museum, Regon exhibition Grandvia, old Madrid and we went to the espana market.”

The group took a trip to a few Spanish cities including Toledo, one of the oldest cities in Spain that is set up like a medieval town. The city of Toledo is home of the cathedral and El Parador, from which one can take in the view of Toledo which inspired El Greco’s paintings. El Greco is the nickname of a Greek painter, sculptor and architect who lives in Spain. “El Greco” means “the Greek.” Toledo is also where his home and paintings are currently located.

“I had never been to Europe at all before and it was so interesting to experience the different culture,” said Nicole Sidari, junior and photography major. “I really enjoyed visiting the city of Toledo and going to the cathedral, which was unlike anything I had ever see before, and walking around streets there.”

Segovia was another city to which the group traveled. The students were able to see the main tourist attraction in Segovia: the aqueducts. The group was also able to visit landmarks such climbed to the top of the castle through a windy staircase, and the Segovia Cathedral.

03.21.12 Page 16 Image 0002On the trip, the students also -ment in the mountains, “which of Nicole SidariThe purpose of the trip is for art students to study art and architecture in another country. All students are welcome to go, however, art students do get priority according to Edelman.is where Franco is buried,” said Edelman. “That same day we toured El Escorial which is where the royal families are all buried.”

The final trip was to visit two cities named Cuenca and Chin-built out of the mountains. Usually referred to as the ‘hanging houses,’” said Edelman. The students also viewed el arte abstracto de Cuenca. They walked the bridge across the mountain and were “In Chinchon, there are bullfights which happen in the center of town called Plaza Mayor, their bullfighting ring,” said Edelman. called Chinchon which is sold everywhere in the world.”

The last night of the trip, the students and DiMattio gathered for a farewell dinner, a DiMattio tradition. At dinner, the students shared a few words that described their experience.

“It truly summed up the amazing time we all shared together and made the bond between us Costa, senior. “I met people I never would have spoken to from Monmouth if I hadn’t gone on this lifetime friends.”

“We got to visit a lot of places, learned a lot of things, and had so much fun,” said Taylor. “I would absolutely recommend this trip to anyone that has an interest in art and traveling.”

This trip is mainly intended towards the Monmouth Univer-sity Art department for students to study art and architecture in another country, but all students are encouraged to come. Art students, however, do get first priority if there is a waitlist.

this trip. Any opportunity to travel to Spain or any country (for such a cheap price in my opinion) is necessary for self growth and a higher education,” said Costa.

“These 10 days were some the most memorable days I’ll ever have in my entire life,” said Eldelman. “We came as students eager to learn expecting just to be friends and left as family.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Nicole Sidarian