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New Twitter Page Shows University Love

Students can now add @monmouthulove to their list of Twit- ter pages to follow. Contrary to @ MnmthUProblems, this page allows students to tweet about all the things that they love about being a student at the University.

Mary Harris, a Specialist Professor in the Department of Commu- nication, gave some insight into the negatives and positives of both of these sites.

“A major positive about both the @MnmthUProblems and @ monmouthulove Twitter pages are that [they have] created a sense of community among Monmouth students that may not have existed otherwise,” Harris said. “However, students still need to be mindful about what they post for the world to see. When making public complaints through social media, there is a tactful way of sharing an opinion and then, of course, there is the not-so-tactful way of expressing oneself, which is where trouble can form.”

“I feel like both of these pages are a great benefit to the Monmouth community,” said Thomas Ranzweiler, a junior and Editor-in-Chief of The Verge . “It gives students a way to air out their grievances with Monmouth in a light hearted outlet. It shows just how important social media has become amongst students of our generation. If anything, Monmouth University should look towards these pages for common problems the students have (such as parking) and begin to find a solution. Their once-a-se- mester questionnaires, with no real results, just are not making the cut anymore.”

Many students also expressed their excitement about the University’s newest Twitter page, such as senior Gina Swedin. “I think it’s great that there are both pages,” Swedin said. “It gives all the students a chance to voice their opin- ion whether it is good or bad.”

“I just want to get my voice out there and feel like what I think matters,” said senior Samantha Feldstein, echoing the thoughts of Swedin.

Melissa Minio, also a senior, seemed to have a similar viewpoint. “These pages are not only good for students to get their frustrations or praise out about Monmouth, but it’s also good for faculty and administration of the University,” Minio said. “Students are always saying that they feel they are not heard or that they do not have a voice, it feels nice to know you count.”

Elysse Ciccone, another senior, enjoys the fact that professors can see what they are doing right or wrong. “Professors can look to see if they are getting bashed or praised,” she said. “Having something like this available to students makes it easier for the University to accommodate them so that they are happy and can fully enjoy Monmouth for all it’s worth.”

Many students think the new page makes for good morale while producing plenty of laughs, such as junior Danielle Ferris. “I know some of my friends think that it is not a good idea to write mean things on @MnmthUProblems page, but now with the @monmouthulove page people are able to see all sides of Monmouth University,” Ferris said.