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Changing Your Outlook

As a student-run newspaper, The Outlook staff serves as the University’s watchdog. Constantly, we are on the lookout for breaking news and sometimes, news that some individuals would rather us not know about. The Outlook strives to bring problems to light that the University may not even know exist. Serving as a platform for students to voice these concerns is a unique asset to have by giving the University the ability to look into where students are saying needs improvement. Once our paper comes out Wednesday mornings, our work is still ongoing, as we are midway through the following week’s articles and tracking down sources crucial to the stories.

There have been multiple occasions throughout the past academic year where stories we have published have initiated responses on campus; these have brought a mix of both positive and negative reactions. Some of these examples include editorials about improving campus technology as well as the need to extinguish Affirmative Action. Although our editorials may have been criticized by several University members, one thing is for certain: we stood up for something.

As far as news goes, we’re including just a few examples. We encouraged the administration to choose to build the new residence hall for sophomores rather than freshmen. In light of reports that a University student was assaulted earlier this semester, the University is now increasing the frequency of ‘Hawk Alerts’ to ensure safety across the campus community. When a reporter introduced the changes with Aramark that led to students’ strong disapproval, the dining service also began reforming their options.

It was moments like these that showed the effectiveness of our writing when administrators or other campus-related individuals would comment to The Outlook about our thoughts and how they would deal with our ideas.

Furthermore, we express gratitude to administrators, faculty, and staff who have spoken with us behind the curtain to express concerns they have. Everyone at these meetings frequently left feeling positive about having open communication with each other.

Moreover, one Outlook editor persists that by showing the staff’s published work, we provide a good example of students taking their education and career goals seriously.

Furthermore, The Outlook would like to give thanks to some people at the University who have helped us and this publication.

Our advisor, John Morano, professor of journalism: We greatly appreciate your time and dedication to this paper. Your experience as a journalist and wisdom as a professor has made an incredibly positive impact in the newsroom. Thank you for helping us understand better journalism and to deal with problems as they happen.

Sandy Brown, office coordinator: For handling just about everything that occurs inside the office or revolves around the paper. You are a true gem and our staff is blessed to have you as the office mom.

The University administration: We thank many of you for taking us seriously enough to take what we say to heart and answer our questions for several stories. President Gaffney, you have been one of the most encouraging and supportive voices of all, and we are very grateful.

Jim Reme and Blaze Nowara, University photographers: You two have always taken time out of your busy schedules to send us your photographs that we may use in the newspaper. Your contributions have been incredibly helpful.

Petra Ludwig, director of Public Relations: You are often sending us new and interesting press releases, allowing us to assign the story to a reporter to write about it in greater detail for the paper. Thank you for your fast-paced efforts to schedule interviews and obtain press passes for reporters when a big event is taking place on campus. An additional thank you to Eileen Chapman, assistant director of performing arts, for working with The Outlook to put aside tickets for performing arts events.

To Hawk TV: We’re grateful for the collaboration our organizations provide, especially at events. Thank you for being able to send us a photo on a Tuesday night from an event you filmed.

To our student workers who deliver the paper: Thank you for placing the new issues throughout the campus, so that students have their latest news every Wednesday.

Additionally, for all sources who were willing to take our questions for stories and providing their own insights and opinions, controversial or not, we thank you immensely. Our job would not be nearly as effective if we didn’t have University members to participate. For those who chose not to respond, that’s alright too, because it makes us even more determined to find the truth and report it fairly and with accuracy.

Last but certainly not least, we send a mass thank you to all of our writers for taking stories along with your academic studies. As one Outlook editor put it, “as editors we are a conductor to an orchestra, and our writers are the musicians.”

Have a fulfilled and safe summer, Monmouth University. The Outlook will greet you all again in September.