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Comics Editor’s Top 10 Lists

As Comics Editor, I have written many columns these past two years that covered a variety of topics in the comic book industry from well-known publishers and characters like DC Comics and Superman to obscure aspects such as 3-D comics. (Additionally, I chose to draw my own cartoons (left) for my very last Outlook issue.)

Every week, I religiously stop bymy local comic book store, Comics Plus, to buy new comics and graphic novels as well as look for old issues to complete my collections.

So, I thought for my final issue, I would share with you my favorite heroes, series, writers, etc. (in no particular order) when it comes to comic books. Enjoy!

Top 10 Favorite Heroes

1) Batman
2) Spider-Man
3) Superman
4) The Lone Ranger
5) Hellboy
6) Green Lantern
7) Hulk
8) Nick Fury
9) Daredevil
10) The Spectre

Top 10 Favorite Villains

1) The Joker
2) Magneto
3) The Red Skull
4) Lex Luthor
5) Darkseid
6) Dr. Doom
7) Plutonian
8) The Governor
9) The Kingpin
10) Loki

Top 10 Favorite Comic Books

1) “The Walking Dead”
2) “Green Lantern”
3) “The Amazing Spider-Man”
4) “American Vampire”
5) “Watchmen”
6) “Sin City”
7) “Action Comics”
8) “Batman”
9) “Daredevil”
10) “30 Days of Night”

Top 10 Favorite Writers

1) Brian Michael Bendis
2) Alan Moore
3) Stan Lee
4) Neil Gaiman
5) Geoff Johns
6) Robert Kirkman
7) Warren Ellis
8) Brian K. Vaughn
9) Grant Morrison
10) Steve Niles

Top 10 Favorite Artists

1) Jack Kirby
2) Will Eisner
3) Steve McNiven
4) George Perez
5) Jim Lee
6) Alex Ross
7) Alan Davis
8) John Cassaday
9) Dave Gibbons
10) Darwyn Cooke