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Which Slide Are You On?

Sociology Club Hosts Fundraiser for the Inside Out Project


The Sociology Club hosted a fundraiser outside of Bey Hall for the Inside Out Project and co-sponsored the Kortney Rose race with the Political Science Club on Friday, April 6.

“The money from the slide is going to the Inside Out Project, a global art project that translates messages of personal identity into pieces of artwork,” said Amanda DiVita, Sociology Club President.

A street artist, who goes by the name of “JR,” plasters artwork on buildings and billboards in order to communicate the message of freedom, identity and limit to those who see it. The purpose is to raise awareness, be a part of a global cause, and give back to communities. Students are encouraged to take a black and white photo and send it in to the Inside Out Project Company in exchange for a giant poster of their work, where they are free to display it for the world to see.

“The date for the fundraiser was specifically picked during the Global Convention Week,” said Danielle Parillo, junior. The Sociology Cub rented a giant blow up slide from the Party Works Company. The cost to ride the inf latable slide was one dollar for two turns and five dollars for unlimited turns. Students had to sign a waiver before participating to ensure their safety and for legal purposes.

“It’s gotten a lot of people talking,” said Megan Brownfield, Sociology Club Secretary. “People have been walking by and taking pictures of the slide, but we want them to use it!”

“The University almost didn’t let us put the slide up. We originally wanted to do a Slip n’ Slide, but it was too much liability and they were worried about the grass,” joked Carly Gross, junior and Sociology Club member “There were so many people we had to go through, so many rules. We had a company that we (the Sociology Club) wanted to use to rent the slide, but the University made us use a company that they had previously worked with.”

The Sociology Club was not allowed to play music because the University did not want to disrupt classes. “We wanted the slide right outside of Bey Hall but we had to move it,” said Gross. “We wanted to attract all the kids coming out of class, but we were told we were too close to the statue.” The slide was set up on the grass between the Student Center and Bey Hall.

“I was late to my first class because I was too busy playing on the blow up by Bey Hall,” said Brian Nicholas, junior. “It was worth having awkward stares walking into class late. [I’m] enjoying everyday while I can.” The fundraiser idea was well received by the students and faculty. “This was fun, definitely a good idea for a fundraiser,” said Christina Di- Prisco, Junior.

Professor Dinella’s Psychology Research Methods class actually took a break from learning and went on a brief class trip to participate in the fundraiser. “It was very fun and a great idea for a fundraiser,” said Dinella of the slide.

“It is such an amazing cause and we raised $110 by the end of the day,” said Parillo. “We are so grateful for everyone’s donation’s.”

“The Sociology Club also cosponsored the Kortney Rose Race with the Political Science Club,” said DiVita. The Kortney Rose race was held on Friday, April 6 at 2:30 pm. The race was a 5K run that “began in front of Wilson Hall and went around the University, and extended to the outside streets as well,” said Kristen Gillette, Secretary for the Department of Political Science and Sociology.

The Kortney Rose Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money for the “research and education related to the treatment and cure of pediatric brain tumors.” Kortney Rose, the daughter of Kristen Gillette, unfortunately died from brainstem gliomain in April 2006. All money raised went straight to the pediatric brain tumor research conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Philadephia.

The total raised for the Kortney Rose race was $1,500. “There were two large sponsors who were a big help,” said Gillette. “Professor Peter Reinhart, Director of the Kislak Real Estate Institute and Specialist Professor, said he would donate $10 for every participant who completed the race before him. Professor Joe Patten, Chair and Associate Professor of the Political Science Department, said he would donate $10.25 to every participant who finished the race before him.”

“The Sociology Club donated money for the t-shirts that were made. They covered half of the cost,” said Gillette. The t-shirts were made prior to the event so participants could wear them for the race.

“I am grateful to the Political Science Club and the Sociology Club for organizing the event to benefit our charity,” said Gillette. “We are hoping this support will help children with brain tumors.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Alexis Orlacchio