Women’s Golf Team Looks to Drive Home an NEC Title

Most college sporting events are easily accessible to students because they are located right on the campus. This is unfortunately not the case for the women’s golf team. As they kicked off their season this past weekend, these dedicated girls were not there to play in front of their whole university. 

After speaking with different girls from the team, I was able to understand the incredible passion and devotion they all demonstrate for a sport they love to play. 

Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, junior Kelsi Kavanagh has been playing golf since she was three-years-old. She has been practicing with him twice a week since she was four. Grateful to play at the division one level, she has spent most of her time at the University focused and dedicated to golf. With such a strong passion for the competitive aspect of college level golf, Kavanagh hopes to take a swing at professional golf after graduation.

Sophomore Michelle Rosenhouse has also been playing since she was three years old, following in the footsteps of her entire family. “It’s a family sport that we all have played together for years,” explained Rosenhouse. She described golf as something that her and her brother have been able to bond over. If not playing golf after college, Rosenhouse hopes to one day broadcast for golf tournaments. 

After spending hours working out in the gym and practicing on the course, the team looks and feels ready to play. As a team, their main goal is to aim high. “This year I think our team can finish in the top three at conference championships in Florida,” stated Kavanagh. 

Another young golfer, junior Rachel Werner started off at the age of five, father knew that his daughter would love the sport after his first time on the golf course. And he was right, Rachel has continued to play golf ever since. Although she does not see herself continuing to play at the competitive level after college, she knows that this is a sport that she wants to continue playing for the rest of her life. “It is a great asset to have in the business world in the future,” explained Werner. 

The energy that the team generates off one another is contagious. Having such a small team that consists of seven players allows for a strong team bond. “Our team’s connections and friendships is the best part of playing for the Hawks,” Rosenhouse said. “We are each others best friends here and support systems.” 

As long as the team continues to work together and work hard, they surely have success in their upcoming tournaments. “The team just needs to work on playing for each other and ourselves because we are good enough to win,” stated Rosenhouse. “We all just need to come together at the same time.” 

This past weekend, the Hawks scored a fourth place finish at the 2012 Hawk Invitational. Kavanagh led the team by matching her career best of 77. Individually she finished in a tie for sixth place with a 156 out of the teams’ total of 652, only seven strokes behind the Fairleigh Dickinson winner. Rosenhouse and sophomore Macy Raimo finished off their days in 12th and 14th place as well. Following next was Werner, who placed 19th, sophomore Elizabeth Abbondandolo, placing 21st, freshman Ashley Navin, placing 40th, and senior Alyse Casale who placed 43rd overall. 

“Right now our team just needs to work on our mental game,” explained Kavanagh. “We have the mechanics and swings to dominate.” As they continue to work hard, the Hawks will be back on the course April 15-17 when they compete in the Hartford Invitational.

PHOTO COURTESY of MU Photography