Styles for Women Fresh off the Runway

Many people adore the fall crisp weather. What makes fall that much better is being able to wear warm, cozy sweaters, different denims and of course the footwear. From the looks of fashion week, this fall is sure to spice up one’s wardrobe while remaining comfy and warm. Hot off the runway, there are major trends to be seen in this season.

To begin, you must focus on the shirt of choice. Button ups are a traditional, yet very chic piece.This fall, they are much silkier, sexier, and far less boring than ever before. Perfect for layering or wearing alone, celebrities are treating them as the new basic tees. Sophomore Kyle O’Grady states, “I love that button up blouses are coming back on trend. It is a much more classic, feminine look and the possibilities of how to wear them are endless.”

A nice accessory to accompany with a button up would be the ever popular collar necklaces. Whatever the occasion be, these collar necklaces add an extra oomph to a simple blouse and can create a whole new look.

Leather is another fall trend making a big comeback. If you wish to be a little daring, add a leather jacket to your wardrobe. If leather is not for you but you still hope to send a daring message, bring out a more edgy side by grabbing the next fab fall piece: graphic pullovers.

As for bottoms, the pencil skirt has been an upcoming style. Its versatility provides a great reason to invest in as many as you want. Pencil skirts can be worn to the office or a night out with the girls when accompanied with the proper top and accessories.

This look is also great for any body type as it is snug in the right places to accentuate curves, then continues straight down for a slimming look. The pencil skirt is typically seen in dark colors, but this fall, pencil skirts can be found in fun, patterned styles. The patterned pencil skirt has plenty of personality to go around and it really plays nice with anything you can imagine.

Moving to denim, the skinny midrise jean is a pant every girl must own. Offering tummy-tucking magic and a sexy silhouette, this denim style is flattering and can be worn with everything from a cropped sweater, to a fitted tucked in blouse. Another fashion trend which has grown this past year is colored jeans. Essentially, you can find these trendy jeans throughout any mall across the nation. These jeans can be paired with a plain white top or even a sweatshirt.

Seventeen’s fashion council advisor, Diandra Rose, believes, “The fashion world has been turned upside down with bright denim. Now your jeans are the focal point of your outfit.” The colored look has quickly become a statement piece in anyone’s wardrobe.

As for footwear, knee-high boots seem to be making a come-back, which means it is time to hop on board with this reoccurring trend. Much like the standard boot, a classic loafer is always in style, but this fall the not-so-classic loafer is also becoming big. This new style takes a spin on the loafer adding fun colors and embellishments, such as studs or big bows, creating a very lady-like shoe to have.

You have just created a look inspired straight from the runway but what to wear on those cold autumn days is still in question. Aside from the cool motorcycle inspired jackets, the classic army jacket is becoming a current trend. Army jackets can be layered over sweaters, blazers or even worn over a maxi-dress creating a boho inspired look.

Now you are equipped with the latest styles, so use and abuse all the styles until this winter when you have a perfect excuse to spend money revamping your wardrobe once more.