Ways for Men to be Comfortable and Sharp this Autumn

Contrary to popular belief, fashion trends are not just for women, and this season there is an exceptional focus on men in fashion. Here are some guidelines to stick to so you are always dressed for success around campus.

The most important items to have in your closet are of course, the essentials for each season. No man should be without a few pairs of structured jeans in a few different shades, and some solid tees in neutral colors. When it comes to jeans, it is a good idea to have a dark pair and a light pair, which creates diversity in your wardrobe. Light colored jeans are perfect for everyday wear, and you can dress up with a dark wash.

You can never go wrong with a pair of khakis either; they are neutral but give a different feel than jeans. Because the colder months are approaching, long sleeves and thermals are also a good idea. Once again, you can never go wrong with a neutral color and a classic fit. With these basics, you can layer different pieces to create new looks, or wear them on their own for a casual and simple outfit.

The essentials do not just stop at jeans and tee shirts. Button ups are also a cold weather must. These are perfect if you want to look a little more formal for class, or if you are going out with friends on the weekend. Plus, they come in not only solid colors, but patterns so you can mix it up. Button ups are not only useful on their own—you can wear them under a vest, sweater or jacket to create layers and keep warm. Just make sure you iron them before wear.

Fall is the ultimate sweater weather. During the next few months, you will be grateful to have some knit pieces. V-Knit pullover sweaters are always good to have, to wear alone, or over a button up or polo. Cardigans are also a good way to add a bit of “back to school” into your wardrobe. Plus, you can use them over and over again with different outfits. In order to look cool and stay warm, sweaters are essential for your autumn attire.

Do not be afraid of color! Neutral is good, but color makes every outfit more interesting. Earth tones like brown, burnt orange, red, and deep green are perfect for autumn. Plus, they go great with any color jean or neutral-toned pant. If you are feeling adventurous, pick a bold shade for a pop of color that will show you have confidence in exploring new options.

Accessories always come in handy when you are looking to switch up your look. A good belt is key for any outfit—it is functional and adds some hardware. GQ’s Glenn O’Brien gives his advice on belt selection. “A classic buckle and fine leather band in black or brown.” O’Brien continues, “Between one and one and one-eighth inches in width, works with almost any belted trousers.” Scarves and hats also do double duty in functionality and embellishment, and they can be reused countless times in the cold months.

Another accessory to add in a wardrobe would be a classic cap. Newsboy caps are on the rise and are very versatile since they can go with khakis, jeans, plaid shirts, plain shirts, essentially anything in one’s closet.

It has been said that the first thing a woman notices is a man’s shoes, so it is important to make sure you do not forget about your feet. Whether you like to wear Jordans or Sperrys, they should always be clean. Boots come in handy for the change in the weather, and there are countless styles to choose from. By adding to your clothes with a few accessories, it shows you put effort into your outfit, which is appreciated by everyone who has an eye for fashion.

Last but not least is the ultimate fall must-have: a coat. Being at college and having limited space, you should have one jacket that is multifunctional. GQ states that “the one piece of outerwear that will never go out of style—the unbeatable peacoat.” A peacoat is great for keeping warm while dressing up or down, and it is a classic style that looks great on everyone. Threequarter length coats have been on the rise this season and continue to grow. Most commonly, men are seen dawning black and gray peacoats.

Leather is also an option that is functional but also wear-and-tearable which is an important feature. Another classic jacket is the bomber, a perfect choice for everyday wear because of its casual look. If you want to dress up any outfit, a neutral, well-tailored blazer is great to have—it adds both style and an extra layer of warmth. In order to keep warm while still looking good, a quality coat is essential.

While Esquireclaims the go to location this fall is LINCS DC & Co, many people will not be willing to dish out seventy dollars for one polo. Therefore, a more affordable option would be heading to the Monmouth Mall where you can find stores such as American Eagle, Old Navy, Macy’s, and Lord & Taylor.

Fashion is a concept that is always evolving with time. This season, men have a lot of opportunity to hit campus in style. With a few essentials and some signature pieces, you can look great for any occasion. Just remember to stick to your own style and create a look that you will be proud to show off.