The New “Bagel Guys” on the Block

The late-night scene at the Univer-sity has seen a new addition with the opening of Bagel Guys Deli on Brigh-ton Ave. Located right next to Jr.’s West End, the new deli offers bagels, sandwiches, soups and salads, as well as staying open until 4:00 am for any late-night partygoers.

The owners and operators, Brad Dias and Chris Brigandi, grew up together in Toms River and have known each other for 20 years before going into business together. “A small restaurant like this is great for your first place,” said Dias, who, although didn’t attend culinary school, has been in the restaurant business for 15 years. What Bagel Guys Deli offers is a fresh take on what is available to students, late-night.

Presently, it’s the only place where a student can, for example, get a breakfast sandwich or bagel at 3:00 am, and Dias and Brigandi meant for it to be that way. The two owners wanted to create late-night food options that weren’t really available to students before now. “Our pork roll, egg and cheese is definitely the most popular,” explains Brigandi.

The deli is open from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am from Thursday to Saturday, but their normal business hours on Sunday to Wednesday are from 6:00 am until 4:00 pm. Even though they are only open late-night three nights out of the week, those are some of the most popular with the the bar crowd.

With over four bars on Brighton Ave. alone, it leaves a lot of business for eateries like Bagel Guys Deli. “The main reason for our late night menu is for the college kids,” said Dias. The deli also offers free delivery to the surrounding area, including the University. “Our delivery business is picking up,” explains Dias. “It’s good food for a cheap price.”

When any competing business opens in an area, it doesn’t come as any surprise that there could be some animosity or bad feelings towards it from similar businesses. Dias explained, however, that this couldn’t be farther from the case. “Everyone’s been very cool and is helping us out,” said Dias.

Of course, it certainly can’t be denied that from Thursday to Saturday night, Jr.’s West End and Bagel Guys crowd; a group, which Jr.’s West Yates, a manager at Jr.’s West End, said, “It’ll be fun to see how things Bagel Guys Deli will be successful Yates said, “It’s too soon to say. Late night took a while to catch on for us.”

It may prove tough for Bagel Guys to gain a foothold with students, since still unfamiliar with the deli. However, senior Jason Wiemken, sees it as we have a cheaper place to go eat late-night,” said Wiemken. “Jr.’s can end up getting expensive.”

In fact, a standard pork roll, egg and cheese from Bagel Guys Deli will cost $4.25 plus tax, whereas an Original JR from Jr.’s West End will fries and a drink. Even though these prices aren’t too drastically different, make all the difference.

That being said, Bagel Guys Deli is still new and growing, and time will the infamous Jr.’s West End. So far, however, it seems that owners Dias it a long-lasting part of Long Branch and the students.