Get a Job!

Students and Employers Gather for the Annual Career Networking Day

Over 65 employers came to Anacon Hall for the Network 2012 Fall Career Day organized by the University Center for Student Success and Career Services on Thursday.

Some of the businesses present includedThe Asbury Park Press,Aflac, Prudential, Wells Fargo Bank, the Marine Corps Officer Programs and Toys “R” Us.

Most of the businesses attending had local branches so students could hunt for internships as well as full time working positions.

For students arriving at the event, which was held from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm, they were greeted with a packet that included descriptions of all the business, government sectors and non-profit organizations in attendance.

These packets also included information about which majors each employer was looking for and what positions they wanted to fill.

The Rebecca Stafford Student Center was occupied with students studying their new manuals before heading into the event.

“It’s important to do research and see who meets up with my resume,” said Jessica Kimball, senior.

Inside, Anacon Hall was bustling with students and recruiters eagerly networking for the future, handing out resumes and business cards and giving out small stuffed animal giraffes.

Most representatives agreed that the students coming to the event were well prepared with resumes, talking points and an idea of what they want for the future.

“They should know what they’re looking for. You know the people who are serious but I also understand it’s a college environment,” said Denise Graga, Assistant Personnel Officer for the Ocean County Health Department.

The employers were enthusiastic to give advice to students for future career events and interviews.

“Appearance has 1,000 words attached to it,” said Maria Zanfardino, Agent for Aflac.

Robert Flom, representative from Source 4 Teachers, said that when looking to hire people from events like this they look for “education, professionalism and does it look like they showered that morning.”

The packet students were given also gave tips for getting the most out of the event, such as following up with employers not more than 48 hours after the day, going to tables with the shortest lines first and thinking of how your skills can be suitable for any business.

The Meadowlands Racetrack also echoed the idea that any skills students have can be useful in business.

“There is every job imaginable in our industry, any education you have we need,” said Mona Vaccarella, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations for the Meadowlands Racetrack. 

With so many opportunities for students to get their resumes to a large amount of employers, and the amount of information being given, it can be easy to become nervous at these events.

“I was really excited to come today, I remember being in the students’ shoes,” said Gina Columbus, former Editor-in-Chief for theOutlookand University alumnus. Columbus now works forThe Asbury Park Press.

“I know how nerve-racking it can be,” continued Columbus, “I was excited to encourage and support the students,” said Columbus

The event also gave students an opportunity to work on their interview skills for the next event, or upcoming job search.

“After the first [career fair attended] I changed my resume,” said Kyle Thomas, senior. “[The events] are really helpful and for the most part everyone is encouraging.”

“The last event I went to made me more prepared,” said Francesa Oden, senior. “These events are helpful because you get to meet different companies and recruiters,”

Before leaving the Fall Career Day, students were asked to fill out a survey included in the job packets to help provide feedback for future events.

Students who did or did not attend the event, but want to do online practice job interviews, or get tips on resume building, interviews and job search letters can find all the information on the Center for Student Success page on the University website.