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Outdoors Club Hosts Fundraiser

The Outdoors Club held an allyou- can-eat event at Zachary’s Pizza in West Long Branch to raise money for their organization on Tuesday, December 4.

The tickets were 12 dollars and could be bought in advance or at t he d oor. T wo d ollars w ent t o the Outdoors Club and ten dollars went to Zachary’s. It was buffet style and they served plain, sausage and pepper, and pepperoni pizzas.

The Outdoors Club holds events both inside and outside of the University, depending on how many people get involved. The University splits the cost with the club if the events are held on campus. Sometimes, if they are expecting a lot of people they will need to request a second bus to transport everyone. This calls for special funding.

Some of the recent events they have held are kayaking, zip lining, and horseback riding. Their events range from day trips to weekend trips.

President of the Outdoors Club Greg Cenicola, senior, said, “A typical event usually brings in 42- 50 people.”

They advertised for the event through Facebook and the clubs and organizations page on eCampus. Professor William Reynolds is the advisor for the Outdoors Club. “We have this group on eCampus, so the people who want to know about the event can check it and we don’t have to send e-mails out through the University,” said Reynolds.

A recent graduate from the University, Joy Marcus, saw the advertisements for the event and came out to see a former professor. “I know Professor Reynolds and I wanted to come and see him and support the Outdoors Club,” said Marcus.

It was not mandatory for the members of the Outdoors Club to attend, but most of them did to support the organization.

Rob Vigilante junior, marketing major, is not part of the club, but his fraternity brothers are. “I came to support my brothers and I thought it was a great deal,” said Vigilante.

The Outdoors Club started this event last year. They are hoping to make it happen once every semester.

Last year they had a great turnout for the event, but not as many people came out this time. “We aren’t expecting as much of a turnout as last year, not a lot of people are in the right mindset since the hurricane,” said Reynolds.

Last year the all-you-can-eat pizza event raised 150 dollars for the Outdoors Club. This year 52 people came and they raised 104 dollars, two dollars a person. The Outdoors Club members were happy with this turnout.

Zachary’s was very accommodating to the Outdoors Club. “Last year they made a special pie because one of the guests was lactose,” said Cenicola.

There were many happy campers at the end of the night because of the pizza. “The pizza is exceptional, if you like thin crust,” said Reynolds.

Rachel Fox, sophomore English and education major, is one of those who enjoys Zachary’s pizza. “It is really delicious, the crust is really thin and it is really cheesy,” said Fox.