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Lend A Helping Paw

During the week of December 10, Ashley Anton, senior and communication major, will be hosting the event Holidays for the Homeward Bound 2012 and will be collecting donations for the Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA).

“The idea of Holidays for the Howard Bound is to provide the pets at the MCSPCA with the holiday homelike experience,” said Anton. “Their current home at the shelter has needs that need to be fulfilled to help keep the animals in suitable living conditions. By creating this event, I hope to be able to get as many University students involved, as well as faculty mem¬bers and local community residents.

Students and faculty members who wish to contribute can eas¬ily do so right at the University. For the event, Anton will place two drop boxes to leave donations based off of a provided wishlist by the MCSPCA. To promote this event, Anton created a Facebook event page n has also distributed flyers in a few neighborhoods in Eatontown and West Long Branch. Another large contributing factor to promote this event will be through word-of-mouth. The wish-list is available on the Facebook event page, on the flyers she has distributed, and will also be available next to the drop boxes on campus.

The drop boxes for Holidays for theHowardBound2012willbein Plangere from December 10-13 in the downstairs lobby outside of Java City and also in the Student Center on December 14 on the first floor outside of the Student Employment offices. Anton will also be picking up any donations left on residents of Eatontown and West Long Branch’s doorsteps on December 16 and 17, as indicated in the flyers.

Emily-Ann Varvar, senior and health studies major, was very ex¬cited to hear that Anton created this event. “I am an animal lover and always try to help in any way I can,” said Varvar. “When I heard of the event, the first thing I asked Ashley was how I could help. I will definitely be donating and spread¬ing the word. It’s so sad that pets won’t be in a home for the holidays. Hopefully these dona¬tions can make the pets more at ease.”

Anton’s fundraising goal is to reach at least 100-150 donations for the shelter with he each hat he has made thus far with promoting this event, she feels this is realistic goal.

Mathew Beerin, senior and communication major, said, “It shouldn’t be hard for Ashley to reach her goal. This is for a good cause that many people support, so getting a hundred people to donate an item in a school that has more than 4,000 students should be fairly easy. In my opinion, she’ll probably get much more than 100 donations.”

This is the first time that Anton is hosting this event and she plans to make it an annual event. She has been working closely with the MCSCPA for a few months now and is excited to execute her cam¬paign. For more information on the campaign you can reach Ash¬ley Anton at her email