Student Spotlight: Bryan Haring and Seasons

Bryan Haring is quite the entertainer. The junior dazzled audiences with his best cockney British accent as Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSeur in the fall play, “The Foreigner”. While Haring seemed pretty comfortable on the Lauren K. Woods Theatre’s stage, he is a bit more at home playing with his band Seasons.

Seasons is an electronic hard rock band in which Haring sings and plays synthesizer. Haring describes his band’s music as “a mix between Muse and Panic! at the Disco.”

Seasons didn’t come together in the easiest way. Haring and guitarist Dylan Sorkin had to really search for band members who would play together well after multiple bands they were in separated.

Haring said, “After [the last band] dissolved, I sought out Ryan Kroon (drums), a classmate of mine from high school. After he agreed to join, we held auditions to find another guitarist. We also auditioned candidates for lead vocals (I had planned to play bass and sing backing vocals) and bass. Kyle Rinfret (vocals, guitar) really wowed Dylan and I at the audition, so we welcomed him aboard on the spot. After I decided to remain on lead vocals, we looked into a bassist. I phoned another classmate, Joe Vena (bass), since we had been in a band years earlier. He accepted, and the line-up was completed.”

Those who have heard Haring’s voice might find it surprising that he had not originally intended to be Seasons’ lead vocalist. Haring has only been singing for four years and playing piano for three. Haring’s interest in music started with the saxophone when he was ten. Haring said, “I joined the school band on alto saxophone when I was ten. I was hooked after that.”

Haring’s vocal style is definitely similar to that of Panic! At the Disco’s Brendan Urie, so it was no surprise that Haring listed the singer as an influence. “Thom Yorke [of Radiohead], Matt Bellamy [of Muse] and Brendon Urie have inspired me greatly. Thom Yorke has shown me what it means to be vulnerable in music, and his light falsetto is something I’ve tried to emulate. Matt Bellamy plays piano, guitar, and sings magnificently. One day I would like to do that many things as well as he can. Brendon Urie has a legendary set of pipes, and he lent his skill to Panic!’s first record when he was only 18.”

Haring is certainly as ambitious as Urie. He is currently majoring in music with a concentration in industry. When he graduates he would like to record a full length album and tour the east coast.

Seasons has played plenty locally. Haring said, “We’ve played at a few local clubs like Crossroads and the Canvas Clash, but our proudest achievement is the two shows we played at Starland Ballroom. They were part of the Jersey Shows Real Deal Contest and we won! Those shows really inspired us to step our game up so that we can eventually play there again.”

Songwriting is also on the list on Haring’s talents. “Each song is introduced to the whole band by the member that began writing, what we call the ‘mastermind’, and once it is out in the open it is refined and reworked until it becomes a song that truly sounds like Seasons. As for the lyrics, I write most of them. Lately, Kyle has been writing lyrics as well,” Haring said.

Seasons also recently recorded a five track EP with producer Erik Romero at Lakehouse Studios in Asbury Park. A release date has not been set, but Seasons has music available for streaming and purchase, with the convenient name your price option, on their band camp page: seasonsnj.bandcamp.com.

You can hear Seasons when they play at Brighton Bar on December 11 and on campus in Anacon Hall on December 14 for A Wave of Hope Benefit Concert, sponsored by Student Government Association.

For updates from the band, like their facebook page facebook.com/seasonsbandnj.