Gifts Ideas Galore For Those In Need of a Quick Fix

It’s that time of year again sweethearts- the day filled with red hearts, roses and endless box­es of chocolate. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow which means another gift giving holiday for that spe­cial someone. If you are stuck on a gift idea for your significant other, here are some unique ideas that will hopefully make life a little easier.

It is often said that the typical boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses have become a cliché and although some girls oppose the “thoughtless” gift, others love the tradition from their man. Boys take note.

Freshman business major, Brit­tany Lamb, revealed that she still gets smitten when given these classic gifts. “I absolutely love getting chocolates and flowers. In my book it’s not considered a cli­ché at all,” Lamb praised. “It’s an expected gift this time of year.”

According to gathered online statistics, Americans consumed 24.5 pounds of candy per capita in 2008. However, for the portion of girls that find chocolates and roses to be a bore, here are some differ­ent ideas.

Girls love embedding them­selves in magazines so a thought­ful idea could be to get your spe­cial lady a subscription to her favorite magazine. She will appre­ciate the little mailbox gift every month. Along with magazines, you can buy her a book or get her a gift card to a book store. Luck­ily, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where gift giving can get creative. Gift giving does not nec­essarily have to break the bank for us college students.

Another simple, yet thoughtful, gift idea for her is a movie night basket. Include her favorite DVD, a package of popcorn, some candy and a cozy blanket for a roman­tic night in. According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine “thoughtful, handmade Valen­tine’s crafts make the day extra special for your sweetheart where the thought and gesture goes a long way.”

As girls will always love jew­elry, an easy gift can be found at Kay Jewelers on Route 35. While the prices do vary, one can find an affordable present whether it be earrings, bracelet, necklace, or anything of the sort that a girl will really appreciate.

For those boys who want to splurge a little for their loved one, take note from communication professor Dr. Marina Vujnovic about her most memorable gift.

“My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a spa day my boyfriend got for me,” Vujnovic recalled. “It is an awesome gift and something every girl needs.” A nice touch for this luxurious spa day treat would be if you both attended.

Ocean Place Resort & Spa is one of the closer luxuries as it is located on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch.

If you are instead purchasing a present for a guy this Valentine’s Day, you have plenty of gift op­tions to choose from. A typical boy is interested in either sports, video games, comedy or music.

If you are dating a jock per say, narrow your search down to his favorite sport. For example, if he likes football, you can purchase his favorite player’s jersey, get his favorite player’s autograph, or even go as simple as buying a football. Other gift ideas could be tickets to a game or you could compile a tailgating kit he could utilize during every home game he attends.

Maybe your man is video game savvy. Options for you include buying a gift card to GameStop, getting a new controller for his system, or buying a game he has not shut up about.

There is a multitude of choices if your boyfriend enjoys a good laugh. Conveniently, Nick Offer­man from Parks and Recreation will be appearing at the MAC on March 28. Tickets go on sale this Friday at the MAC and Pollak Theater box offices.

If these three do not sound like your boyfriend, there is always the default of giving him something musical. For instance, you could buy him music sheets if he likes to play a certain instrument, give him an iTunes gift card, or maybe if you are the musically talented one, you could write him a song. Obviously, this can also be a pres­ent for a girl.

There are plenty of other op­tions to choose that could be for girls or guys. One choice would be making a build-a-bear that resem­bles your boyfriend or girlfriend’s interests. If you have some artistic ability, you could always use that to your advantage and either draw or paint a picture. All these gift ideas can easily be accompanied by candy.

Communication professor Mat­thew Lawrence explains that sometimes, less is more. “Some of my favorite evenings have includ­ed cooking together and listening to some records,” Lawrence said. He goes on to reveal that he enjoys “quiet, low-key activities that are intimate in their own way.”

Instead of racking your brains on what to get your significant other, a small adventure to some­where you have never been or even a concert together could be memorable and enjoyable. Hope­fully these ideas put some of you at ease and provided helpful tips and ideas. Despite the giving of gifts, when it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is all about being with your loved one and enjoying each other’s company.