Choosing a Travel Method

Flying vs. Taking a Road Trip for Spring Break

With Spring Break right around the corner, students must decide whether to take a road trip or fly to their destinations. Both driving and flying have their perks, and they also have their downfalls. When traveling, you have to think about your choices and which is the best option for yourself.

Taking a road trip in a car for multiple hours at a time could be a curse or a blessing depending on how much you like the people you are with.

No road trip is complete without an epic playlist. Before leaving, put together playlists for all possible situations; loud and crazy jam sessions, drives down long deserted roads, keeping everyone awake, and while the passengers are sleeping.

On the other hand, flying gives the opportunity for quicker travel. You can fly across the country in less than six hours. By saving time on travel, it leaves more time for actual activities and fun on your vacation.

In my personal experience, flying has always been more expensive than driving. Each person will pay hundreds of dollars for their plane tickets. However, gas money and tolls split between a car full of people would be much cheaper.

Who is driving and whose car to take is always a decision that has to be made, and sometimes this may or not be an easy decision.

On a plane ride, you are waited on by flight attendants. They are there to help you if you are hungry, thirsty, or cold. The downside of flying is that airplane food can be expensive and is not the tastiest. Complimentary beverages are always good though.

How annoying is it when you are trying to read in a car and you get motion sickness? Reading is a great way to pass the time while traveling. On a long plane or car ride you can finish a good book, but if you suffer from motion sickness, it is more difficult to complete that task in a car.

Sightseeing and observing the country and all the beauty that it has to offer while driving is something you cannot experience on a plane. Driving down long open roads, or through national parks are something that should be appreciated.

Pack all you want for free. That is something never heard in an airport. A car can be filled to the brim with luggage, food, and people. An airplane gives you the luxury of bringing two small bags, how thoughtful. Other bags have to be checked for a fee.

For long drives over a day, you will have to dish out some extra money for a hotel room for the night. When stopping overnight, the hotel room can be spilt between everyone. If you can find a cheap hotel, you could probably get away with putting in $20 each.

How annoying is getting stuck in traffic? However, there is no such thing as plane traffic. This makes the plane more enjoyable because most of the time your estimated arrival time will not change.

The old saying, “It’s about the journey not the destination” reigns true in my life. I would rather spend a little more time traveling by car and be able to get a more fun experience and see more of the country.