Bowling Alley to be Built in Boylan Gymnasium

A new four-lane bowling alley will be built in Boylan Gymnasium following the approval of internal constituents and the possession of permits. The University predicts the lanes will be completed by August 2013 according to Vice President of Administrative Services, Patricia Swannack.

Patrick Ciniello, a University alum, donated the funds to be used in the construction of a four-lane bowling alley in the South end of Boylan Gymnasium, located next to the football field according to Dr. Marilyn McNeil, Director of Athletics. The bleachers in the south end of the gym will be removed to make room for the lanes.

According to Swannack, the bowling alley will be open to University students and members of the community. It will also provide a place for the bowling team to practice and hold events. Junior Lauren Frankowski, who is on the bowling team, said, “As of right now, I do not know what the bowling alley will look like; regardless, I am happy that Monmouth is receiving this opportunity.”

“After meeting the generous donor of our lanes last week, he seems to have high expectations for the lanes,” added Frankowski. The idea for the construction of a bowling alley on campus came from the alum.

Ciniello, who graduated in 1967, was formerly the president and chairman at the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. Currently, he is President at QubicaAMF, “a joint venture between the industry leaders AMF Bowling Products and Qubica Worldwide,” according to their website.

McNeil also hopes to see the bowling alley used recreationally by students. “I’m hoping it will resurrect the bowling club and I imagine residence halls having bowling competitions [as well as] the sororities and Greek life,” said McNeil. “I’m hoping that there will be a faculty and staff bowling opportunity.” She added that the bowling alley will potentially lead to physical education classes in the future.

Frankowski said the bowling alley will be a great asset for the University bowling team because they will now be able to practice on campus, lessening the commute the team has to make in order to practice. Currently, the team practices at Bradley Bowl and has formerly bowled at lanes in Fort Monmouth. During the season (October to early April) the team practices four days a week.

“We will have a location to store our equipment and it will make other students more aware about our team,” said Frankowski. “Moreover, we will have a place to display our achievements.” She is also excited about other University students being able to take advantage of the lanes.

Sophomore Melissa Buchanico said she would take advantage of the new lanes once they are built. She believes it will be most popular among residential students. “I think that the kids that sit inside and don’t go out on the weekends will utilize it.”

Other students would like to see donations made toward other areas of campus, as well. Music major Emily Steeber said she would like to see a donation made toward academic departments, particularly equipment for learning.

Other projects going on in the athletic department include locker room renovations in Boylan Gym, safety netting for lacrosse players and a new press box in the football stadium, according to McNeil. “There’s always something happening in athletics,” she said.

The addition of a bowling alley to the University will make the athletic department unique and more recognizable, McNeil said. “The more I thought about it, the more I looked at the space we had, it’s becoming kind of an exciting project,” she added.