Dean Stanton Green Leads Spring Break Trip to Ireland

37 Students Join Gathering in Dublin

IrelandFinalDuring the Ireland trip the group visited places such as Dublin, Killarny, The Blarney Stone, The Cliffs of Moher, and the Dingle Peninsula. Students learned about the Potato Famine as well as the conflict between the south and north of Ireland and Britain. They also learned many different words and terms used throughout Ireland. The students explained that one of their favorite words they learned was “craic” pronounced “crack,” in which the English translation is fun.

March 14 through 18 was known as The Gathering in Dublin. It marked four days of celebration including fair-like rides, vendors, and 59 different activities ranging from comedy to street performances. Most of the group thought the best part of the trip was marching in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin.

During the trip, the 37 students walked throughout the streets of Dublin celebrating with the residents of the city.

The People’s Parade began at 12:00 pm on Sunday and was about 1.5 miles. The parade traveled through the streets of Dublin which passed many historic landmarks along the way such as Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Saint Patrick’s Church, and City Hall. Among the 37 participants, there were about 8,000 other people walking from different parts of the world. Behind the University group was a group of flag twirlers and band members from Canada, a small group from Massachusetts, and a group of children dancing from Holland in traditional clog shoes.

“It was one of the most unique experiences of my life,” Cassie Capparelli Rutgers University student, said. “I am so glad I had the chance to go, even though the weather wasn’t very good. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Capparelli was among many others who did not appreciate the weather on the day of the parade. The day turned from rain to snow with high gusts of wind throughout the day. This, however, did not stop any of the students from smiling and waving to the thousands of people cheering while walking through the streets. People were not only watching from the sidewalk but also hanging out of balconies and windows cheering.

PHOTO COURTESY of Isabella Paola