Don’t You (Forget About Me) | Ed Morlock’s Senior Goodbye

ed_outlooksuitesWhen I first arrived at MU in September 2009, I wasn’t happy. Just about every weekend included a 75-minute drive to Maple Shade Friday afternoon, and a 75-minute drive to West Long Branch Sunday night.

It wasn’t until I joined The Outlook in the beginning of my sophomore year that I really started to enjoy the University.

I still remember the sunny day that I walked up to the newspaper’s table at the involvement fair and started asking questions. The next Monday I attended my first writers’ meeting and was assigned a story. Ever since that men’s soccer article, I’ve written nearly every issue.

The weekends no longer included a drive to South Jersey and I started meeting people; first my suite-mates, then their friends, and their friends, and so on. Before long, I had a solid group to hang out with and the “college experience” that I had been dreaming of all through high school was coming true.

Since that time, college has been the best years of my life. Every day is filled with fun and I can’t believe there was a time that I considered transferring to Rowan. Without The Outlook, I may have switched schools.

The last three years have been nothing short of amazing, and there are a number of people who I need to thank.

My Family

Undoubtedly, I would have transferred if it weren’t for my family. My sisters told me to stick it out and my parents told me they would support any decision I made, but they wanted me to give MU another chance. Thankfully, I listened.

I also never would have joined the paper if my dad didn’t push me towards it. The conversation went something like, “You’re going to school for journalism. Join the paper or find a new major.” This was the best advice I ever received.

My cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents all deserve some credit too. They always made such a big deal about my articles and kept my confidence high.

The Outlook

ed_nickseattleI might as well start from the top, and thank professor Morano. Prof, you probably don’t realize the impact you’ve had on me as a journalist. The first class I had with you was “News Writing” and I immediately wished that I had taken “Introduction to Journalism” with you. You always gave (and still give) great feedback on how I could improve my stories and who some new sources could be. You also helped me a lot with the decisions I had to make as sports editor. I’ve really enjoyed the relationship that we have built and hope it continues after I graduate. Thanks for everything you’ve done. You’ve asked me many times and I will finally answer: Yes, it makes sense.

The 2012 graduates helped me a lot as well.

Anthony- The man, the myth, the legend. Can you believe I’m graduating?! Is that a Nike outlet? Left over right. Wrist blang, got a condo up in Biscayne. I always think of you whenever I write a lead (the lead to my goodbye is 35 words). One day we will all be reading your Wall Street Journal award-winning stories. Gina- I was able to get over my initial fear of you and tried to duplicate your journalistic dedication. I’m not sure if I was able to match it, but you really helped me commit myself to The Outlook. Matt- it’s great knowing that we can always discuss movies and Game of Thrones. Plus I always enjoy reading Couch Potato Central. Sandra- We weren’t really too close when you were part of the paper, but I’m glad that has changed. I hope there are more trips to Wildwood and The Lobster House in our near future! Joanna- I haven’t gotten to talk to you much this year, but that means you’re busy and having a great time in North Carolina! Everything is going to continue to be awesome for you and I’m so proud!

ed_jennaphillyJenna- I don’t even know where to begin here. There are so many ways that you have changed me for the better. Without you, I never would have learned InDesign or gotten an internship, so I wouldn’t be graduating on time. Visiting Italy was one of the greatest weeks of my life and that never would have happened if you weren’t studying abroad. Running 5k races is another thing I picked up from you (although I don’t win like you do). We’ve been to so many cool places together, such as Italy, Seattle, San Francisco, Wildwood, Ocean City, New York and Philadelphia. Whether we are on a haunted ghost tour through cobble-stoned city streets or picking strawberries in the valley of vast lengths, I enjoy every little thing we do together. The last year-and-a-half has been amazing, from the Ponte Vecchio to the Garden of Eden, and I know that it’s going to continue to be great for a long time. You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t change anything that’s led us to where we are today.

Nick- Star reporter Hick Nodgins! You were really my first close friend in The Outlook. Who’d have known the weird kid in five of my classes junior year would be an editor? I never knew that you hated Led Zeppelin so much. Lets reminisce on our old baseball playing days. Rooming together in Seattle and San Francisco was awesome; we definitely had the best room. I could really go for some $75 Alaskan king crab legs right about now. One day when you’re writing for Rolling Stone and I’m covering the Redskins for the Washington Post, we’ll be able to eat crab legs twice a week. Also, we put Thursday happy hour on the map. “I’ll take a fried chicken bar pie with a dipping cup of hot sauce.” THE KING IN THE NORTH!

Brett- First, I want to congratulate you on a great year as EDitor-In-Chief. I also want to thank you. You gave me the opportunity to join the sports staff and start writing immEDiately. After that, you always gave me the best assignments (football and men’s basketball). Thank you for trusting me enough to be the sports EDitor after your promotion. Now that all the mushy stuff is out of the way… wait for it… …. … ED! I’m really going to miss all of your ED! and AD! jokes in the office. For the rest of my life I’m probably going to put emphasis on those two sounds. I always enjoy talking sports and Thrones with you. We could talk about Adam Sandler movies for hours. With two awesome internships and all of the positions you held for The Outlook, I’m sure you’re going to have a great journalism career and probably run your own newspaper one day.

vinnyboKelly- Who’s Kelly? A.T.G. Adius. Kell. K Brock. K.B. The Barter Queen. The woman of a thousand names. I’m glAD that you were always in the office to appreciate my 80’s playlists. Even though we complained all the time, thank you for always putting food in our bellies on Mondays and Tuesdays. When I work for a newspaper in the real world, the AD! department won’t compare to what I had at MU. Oh yeah, G.T.A.

Commando- Hellooooooooo. I can’t believe that no one has clothed you yet. Your phone calls in the office are very inspiring. Vote Orlando 2036! I expect you to be in office before age 50. By then, you’ll have already made trench coats fashionable. Keep up the good work and please try to put some clothes on.

Jackie- A.O.A. The tan editor is now going to be the Editor-In-Chief! I can’t wait to see how the paper looks next year! I look forward to some Applebee’s trips next year when you’re no longer a baby and can get a drink!

Maggie- STEPPIN’ ON THE BEACH! Hi Wraggie. You’re the best. Whenever I needed something covered in sports you always rose to the occasion and wrote a great story! We need to hang out more at home and go to Phillies games and the Jug.

ed_roommates80sAlexis- I am so happy that I found someone that is equally as obsessed with Boy Meets World as I am. Not many people would know Eric’s favorite fish is a… PENGUIN! I look forward to talking for hours about the sequel when it debuts.

Angela- We’ve done some great things on the back page this year (mostly you) and it’s been great working with you. I also enjoyed our time together across the globe in Italy! I know you’re going to do great with a bigger role in The Outlook next year!

Alyssa and Casey- I expect the two of you to stop Lando from doing anything crazy next year without me keeping an eye on him. Alyssa I hope to see the Commano Chronicles and squirrel comics to continue into 2014! Casey I love your work ethic and think that you’re going to go on to big things really soon!

Nicole and Kevin- Loved reading the entertainment section this year, you two always had cool designs! Thanks for giving me the chance to write about Game of Thrones Nicole! Kevin I want to see more fedoras when I come back to visit next year.

Nana- You’re going to have a great time studying abroad! The opinion section always looked good this year, so I’m sure you will contribute a lot to The Outlook when you get back!

Sandy and Evelyn- You two are the best to talk to! I know that you will both tell me the truth even if it’s something I don’t want to hear. Whenever I hear someone whistling or keys jingling I’ll always think of you Evelyn! When I visit next year, I may be looking forward to seeing the two of you the most!

Morganne and Netta- I can’t imagine any grad assistants being better than the two of you. As the sports editor, I learned a lot from you two. Thank you both for bringing some real world experience into the office.

The Sports Staff- Everyone was great this year. I knew that I could rely on everyone to have their stories in by a certain time and I was rarely disappointed. Other editors worried about their writers, but I always had full confidence. I never needed to use an advertisement to fill space, I always had plenty of content. Sports was the best section of the paper this year, in my opinion, and it’s all thanks to you.

The Athletic Department

As a member of the sports section, I worked with the athletic department for three years. Greg Viscomi, Chris Tobin, Jarred Weiss, Greg Ott, Eddy Occhipinti and David Cooper- you were all always able to help me with what I needed and did so in a timely matter. When other sections were struggling to put interviews together or get pictures, you guys were able to help me in a matter of minutes. The behind-the-scenes part of covering sports here at MU was so easy and I enjoyed working with all of you.

The coaches and players were great too. Football’s Kevin Callahan and basketball’s King Rice really made it easy for me to learn the trade of sports reporting. Even when I just started and probably didn’t ask the smartest questions, you two were fun to talk to and always available whenever I wanted an interview.  

My Roommates

Brett, Eric and Kyle- I love you guys. Everyone knows that “The Castle” is the best house in Long Branch. From Pokemon Stadium 2 to “King of the Castle” competitions, we always have a good time. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to live with during the best year of my life.

Final Thoughts

My time here may be coming to a close, but I will always keep The Outlook and Monmouth University near and dear to my heart. The relationships I’ve built and memories I’ve made will be with me for the rest of my life.