End of Semester Guide

There is a light at the end of the semester; it is called summer. Now is the time when students are itching to get out of class and get to the beach. Despite craving to make it out of the semester alive, we have to buckle down and finish the semester strong.

End-of-the-semesteritis has to be an actual term, at least in the college world. The end of the semester is the toughest part. Students have projects, term papers, presentations, home­work, and let’s not forget the whole sleeping and eating thing.

Students have so much on their plate that it could satisfy someone’s hunger just by thinking about it. All of the projects, presentations, papers, and internship deadlines are looming over our heads, blocking our view of summer at the end of the semester.

But wait just a flip-flopping sun-screened second. There are ways to fight end-of-the-semesteritis. First things first, breathe. I’m not talking quick short breaths as you experience a nervous breakdown. I’m talking deep slow breaths. The quicker you breathe, the less carbon dioxide you give off, so in moments of hyperven­tilation, your body uses less oxygen, you’ll feel weak, and you won’t be as productive as you would be if you just breathe. So when you do find your­self getting stressed, remember to sit down and breathe. You’ll be able to clear your mind and it’ll help you buckle down and focus on the tasks you have to do.

Another thing that can help you see that summer light at the end of the se­mester is time management. Plan out all of your deadlines in a planner, and anytime you complete a task, cross it off, and the pay off will feel so good.

Last, but certainly not least, take study breaks. Giving yourself short study breaks allows for the informa­tion to sink in, and it is perfect for giv­ing yourself a breather from all of the academics you’ve been inhaling for the past hour and a half. After an hour or so of studying, take a break, a sip of Juicy Juice, listen some music, and chill out for 20 minutes. You’ll feel re­freshed and ready to get back to work.

MU students are trying to beat end-of-the-semesteritis and some students are looking forward to the end of the semester to start new opportunities during the summer. Anna Chamber­lain, sophomore, is focusing on get­ting her work done in order to start her internship in the summer.

“As of now, I just need to get my work done,” said Chamberlain. “But I’m looking forward to the summer because I’ll be interning, and I’m so excited to get started.”

So, breathe because it is almost over. Summer is fast approaching and we are all ready for it. We just can’t get too ahead of ourselves. So get to work on your presentations, projects, study guides, and papers. And don’t forget to do the whole sleeping, eat­ing, and showering thing.