Romantic Comedies Ask: What is “Love Actually?”

You’re at a Starbucks, ordering your mocha-frappa-latte-chino concoction with sweet caramel drizzled on the frothy foam. The man in front of you is yelling to the barista about how he can taste the whole milk in his latte-mcfrapp drink, when he had originally asked for skim. As the arrogant whole milk tasting customer exits the coffee shop, he drops a 20-dollar bill on the floor which you pick up and put in the tip jar. “Karma’s a b***h,” you say to the barista as a smile caresses your face.


Not Your Typical American Girl

On April 17, 1975, as the Khmer Rouge seized the capital of Phnom Penh, the life of a six-year-old girl named Bopha Yonge was changed forever. Her family was driven out of their village of Bātdâmbâng and with millions of others, was forced straight into Hell. In a country that is less than half the size of CA, leader of Khmer Rouge and paramilitary dictator Pol Pot sought out to purify Cambodia and eliminate educated people in order to nationalize peasant farming. More than one million people died.


Autumn Orchards Near and Far

Summer has officially ended and now is the time when people start to get into fall mode. Fall is the season full of chilly winds, spiced teas, and apple pie. Apple pie is a fall staple that no one can turn down. Who could ever turn down a hot piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top? Your mouth is watering by just thinking about it.


Handling Peer Pressure in College

Remember when you were first taught the concept of peer pres­sure back in elementary school? Your teachers educated you on the value of respecting yourself and others around you and to nev­er force someone to do something that they do not want to do. As we get older, the lessons of peer pressure go on without much to say. We experience life and learn from our mistakes. We think that we carry our wits about us every­where we go when we are with groups of people. We may think that we, as college students, do not fall into peer pressure, but it happens more times than we think.