Blue Hawk Records Announces Second CD Release

Blue Hawk Records held an event in the Jules L. Plangere Center to celebrate the release of their second compilation CD on Dec. 4. The CD was also released on iTunes on Nov. 25.

Blue Hawk Records is an independent, student-run record label that provides students with hands-on experience that will prepare them for professional work in the music industry.

The fall 2013 album, a follow up to their original extended play (EP) from the spring semester earlier this year, includes six tracks. The CD also features returning artists Natalie Zeller, Guy Battaglia, and Sarah Gublin, as well as new artists Kristi Hunt and James Porricelli.

Bryan Haring, member of the Blue Hawk Records band, made his debut as a solo artist accompanied by Conner Healey and Guy Battaglia of 99 Regrets. The EP features rock and acoustic music, but also introduced a new genre to the label, rap.

Erin Holmes, a junior music industry major, said the tracks came out extremely well on the EP. Holmes performed backup for James Porricelli on his rap track titled “Know Me.”

“It’s so great that Lakehouse Studios is working with us, enabling us to produce such great music,” Holmes said. She found it “extremely hard” to decide whose music was her favorite because she believes they are all talented.

“I had a good time. I especially liked how my friends were promoting for the Artists Against Arthritis show on Friday, Dec. 6 by having people tie shoes with mittens,” Holmes said. Holmes joined in at the release party and performed the track she helped record with Porricelli.

Blue Hawk Records’ artists are not limited to a University audience; the new EP has reached international listeners. Joe Rapolla, the label’s advisor and the department chair and director of the Music Industry Program, announced at the event that record sales have already been reported in England, Italy and Japan following its release. The label and its artists are working to recieve more recognition and sell more records.

The lobby in Plangere had balloons and posters advertising Blue Hawk Records’ other upcoming events, such as their Artists Against Arthritis fundraiser. Tables were set up and the label was selling copies of their latest record, as well as giving away free candy and other Blue Hawk Records merchandise. The event was set up at 2:30 pm and the artists featured on the record performed for the audience and those passing by, entertaining the crowd for two hours before completing at 4:30 pm.

There were a few technical difficulties throughout some of the performances, but the musicians worked through them. The microphone suddenly shut off during Zeller’s set however she continued to play and perform her song. The music was received well by the students, who clapped, cheered, and sang along – fully engaged in the performances in support of their classmates and peers.

“I would love to see a greater variety of artists and also have some new talents discovered and showcased,” Holmes expressed.

The “Blue Hawk Records Fall 2013 Compilation Album” is available for $5.94 on iTunes, or listeners can purchase individual tracks for $0.99 each. The “Blue Hawk Spring 2013 Sampler” is also available on iTunes for $3.96.

PHOTO TAKEN by Marissa Cornford

Kristi Hunt, accomanied by Natalie Zeller, covers “Royals” by Lorde at the Blue Hawk Records release party on December 4. Blue Hawk Records Fall 2013 Compilation Album is available on iTunes now.

Video by Nicole Massabrook

Bryan Haring (on piano), accompanied by Guy Battaglia (guitar) and Connor Healey (bass), play at the Blue Hawk Records release party on Dec. 4. Blue Hawk Records Fall 2013 Compilation Album is available on iTunes now.

Video by Nicole Massabrook