Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013: A Tribute

The big tree has fallen

The giant has gone

A tall tree does not last in the forest

A big tree does not remain forever in the bush

We look for him

We cannot find him

We call his name

He cannot answer us

The great man has left

Khulu (the mighty one) has departed.

Born into a royal family

Died in royalty

His vision was clear

\His mission was accomplished

His time is over

His work is done

Rolihlahla, he was named

Nelson, his teacher called him

Mandela, the world called him

Born in South Africa, a Xhosa

But, a citizen, yes!

And a leader of the world

Mandela, a world hero

All hail him in life

All mourn him at death

He was a man of honor

An epitome of dignity

A spirited fighter for justice and equality

A man of peace

He preached peace and lived peace

From the beginning to the end,

he fought discrimination

Jailed for 27 years

Punished with hard labor

Lost his freedom; but never his fighting spirit!

He conquered Apartheid,

he demolished segregation

He was victorious

Released from prison; became President

Such is the power of resiliency


Mandela: Exemplar of forgiveness

Mandela: You are gone

We celebrate your life

As you join your ancestors…

And, we will always remember you…

Adieu Madiba

Adiós Khulu

Au revoir Tata

Kwaheri Nelson

O digba Rolihlahla

Goodbye Dalibhunga

Hamba Kakuhle Mandela


PHOTO TAKEN from forbes.com