Love For Animals: A Call to Action

The volunteers at the Monmouth Area Vegetarian Society (MAVS) are hosting a free vegan potluck and presentation led by Debbie Kowalski and Theresa Sarynski, representatives from For the Animals Sanctuary. The event will take place at Monmouth University’s Magill Commons Club Dining Room on Sunday, Feb. 16 at 1 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

During the presentation, Kowalski and Sarynski will discuss what they do at the animal sanctuary and why animal sanctuaries are so important. “We plan on talking about the animals that we have living at our sanctuary, their rescue stories and how they are doing now with their new animal family,” Sarynski said.

Kowalski and Sarynski will also compare the differences of animal treatment among the different farms including factory farms, organic farms and family farms. They will also address the importance of veganism for animal lovers and the impact that it can make on the environment.

Individuals who wish to attend the presentation and potluck are encouraged to contribute a vegan dish. Anyone interested in attending can RSVP by emailing Mary Harris at To learn more about MAVS, please visit or visit their Facebook.

The Monmouth Area Vegetarian Society (MAVS) is a non-profit, non-sectarian educational organization. MAVS promotes healthy lifestyle and diet options and compassionate living. The organization also provides numerous educational resources to inform the public about the advantages of vegetarian diets. The organization features nutrition experts, health-care professionals, animal rights advocates, discussions on ethical and environmental issues to promote the organization’s educational mission and goals.