The Buzz About BuzzFeed: A Rising Internet Media Platform

The internet never ceases to amaze with its vast amount of, well, everything. Just one click and endless amounts of information pop up to inform, amuse or just to make you wonder what goes on in people’s heads. Popular website BuzzFeed has recently risen to internet glory by capturing things in media, news and more, and having editors and users sprinkle in humor within most pieces. If an issue is spreading like wildfire in the technology realm, then BuzzFeed is on it.

Upon visiting their website, there are various links for different stories and topics. Most links are chock full of lists to provide laughs. Previous articles have ranged from, “19 Things You Miss After Graduating College” to “The 40 Most Insane Things That Happened This Year in Florida.” Users have flocked to the variety of topics provided on BuzzFeed in millions.

Humor isn’t the only aspect to the site though. Worldwide issues strike a chord amongst the articles and readers. Poverty, war and politics are amongst the many issues compiled into the site. For younger readers who may not be as informed as older readers, this is a great way to spell out what is happening today with critical problems that affect everybody in one way or another.

The site was founded by Jonah Peretti in 2006 and is still growing in popularity. It averages about 85 million visitors each month. The site has expanded to many other countries and  makes millions of dollars each year. Talk about a budding global domination.

The question still remains however, what is the buzz with BuzzFeed?

“I find myself constantly checking the site, because it’s up to date with the media and has hilarious lists that make me laugh,” said Junior Amanda Saginor.

It’s a tough media world out there when it comes to growing in popularity and being trendy. The numerous themes within their site and the ability to easily access and pick out what interests us, is pleasing to internet users all over. When so many people are complaining and arguing via comments and statuses on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, BuzzFeed allows people to laugh or be informed, rather than to become infuriated. Comments are allowed on BuzzFeed post areas, but are certainly not the main focus of the site.

BuzzFeed is immensely popular with this celebrity ridden society as well. If a star gets arrested, expect BuzzFeed to post in full detail about it in minutes. If a celebrity says something dimwitted, then the website is on the issue with funny memes to enhance this comical perspective on the person. It is almost to the point (if not already there) in which a troubled celebrity does not want to be spewed across the site’s main postings for their misbehaviors.

“I initially thought that it was a paparazzi thing,” said Dorothy Cleary, Director of Tutoring and Writing Services in the Center for Student Success.

People in the pop culture/media professions do head to the site for the news often now for its rapidness. However, it hasn’t reached a certain “King of Social Media” status that most would agree belongs to Facebook.

“I’ve never even heard of it,” said Junior Jake Sparacio.

Just with any company, they start from the bottom in order to make it to where they are currently. Growing pains come with everything. BuzzFeed is rising more and more with its trendy outline and contents. It is popping up on television now and is not just on Twitter or on Facebook as “shared” links. It is emerging quickly with notoriety and pretty soon, it may stand up against other internet sites with fame and popularity. The opportunities are endless with social media and BuzzFeed shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, it will have users slowing down the speed of their mouse scrolls, just so they can be entertained by another list of humor and amusement.

IMAGE TAKEN from wallblog.co.uk