“The 90s Are All That”

No matter what age you are, you were born in a definitive decade. Each period brought us something special. Whether it was from music and movies, or life changing discoveries or great world leaders, it all came from a specific decade. Amongst many of the students here at the University, the 1990s are a sheer favorite that most can connect with and wish to go back to for even just one day.


Before you Graduate…

Graduation is approaching quite quickly for most college students around the world. It is no different at the University. Time flies during college years. One minute you are entering your very first class and before you know it, you’re walking out of your very last class of undergraduate college. It’s a memorable time in your life, but what are some experiences that every University student should have before they graduate? As the unforgettable movie character Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


New HBO Series is “Looking” Good

“It’s San Francisco. It shouldn’t be so hard to meet cool people in this town,” said charming Patrick (Tony Award nominee Jonathan Groff), who’s trying to find the right guy for him and figure out what has gone wrong on his search. This solidifies the focal point of HBO’s new series “Looking”: looking for love as a gay man in San Francisco. With his best friends by his side, looking is only the start of their journey for a happy ever after.


The Buzz About BuzzFeed: A Rising Internet Media Platform

The internet never ceases to amaze with its vast amount of, well, everything. Just one click and endless amounts of information pop up to inform, amuse or just to make you wonder what goes on in people’s heads. Popular website BuzzFeed has recently risen to internet glory by capturing things in media, news and more, and having editors and users sprinkle in humor within most pieces. If an issue is spreading like wildfire in the technology realm, then BuzzFeed is on it.


YouTube to the Top

The role that media can play in an artist’s success is very prominent these days. In an instant a video of somebody performing can be uploaded onto the internet and anybody can see. If seen by the right amount of people or the right people, then a musical career can be right around the corner.


“American Horror Story” Thrills

“When witches don’t fight, we burn,” says a deliciously dark Fiona Goode (played with excellency by Jessica Lange). This statement alone assures the audience that they’re in for a magical and wicked good time for “American Horror Story: Coven,” the third season in the hit anthology series. With each season comes a new theme of fantasy and real horrors, and this time around, the witches of Louisiana are here to cast a spell on you.