Is it Winter Break Yet: Milestones to Keep You Motivated

It’s that time of year when the semester is on its way out and college students are itching for winter break. The 15 weeks of hard work will have officially been paid off and a much needed break will be all theirs for a month.

Since the break is close enough that students can almost touch it, many wonder what they can look forward to in the meantime. After all, winter break is a top priority for students and gives them a vacation from classes and homework.

Next week begins the first holiday break and that is of Thanksgiving, where students have two school days off, plus the weekend, in order to spend time with family. It’s the start of a semester wind down, but more importantly, a joyous time for family and where being thankful shows fully. Students can look forward to this mini break not just for family bonding time, but for a period of relaxation before an academic crunch time kicks in.

A senior social work major, Alex D’Errico, said, “I am looking forward to relaxing and not having so much work.”

Since it is now holiday season, this means that all of the fun holiday festivities are coming. Soon, the sights of Christmas and winter decorations will spread throughout stores, homes, workplaces and even the University. For many, the holidays and their decorative splendor bring up happy emotions and memories. These feelings can always bring out the bright side for those counting down until the winter break.

“I recommend checking out some of the great holiday events we have on campus. Also, don’t forget to attend the De-stress Fest. It’s a fantastic way to unwind during the final exam period,” said Jean-Marie Delao, counselor for transfer and undeclared services.

You don’t have to look far for activities to engage students before break. On campus, there are weekly events and activities for students to partake in. Every Saturday, there are free screenings of recent movies (popcorn included as well) in Oakwood Lounge, which is located on the Resident Quad. The Student Activities Board (SAB) also has free giveaways each month. The next giveaway, which will be of electronic skins, is occurring on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 1 pm in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center.

A junior Matthew Craig, said, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my Monmouth friends before everybody goes home for the break.”

Being with friends that students make at college is always something to look forward to. With only a few weeks left to spend time together on and around campus, why not soak it all up while you can?  Don’t worry though, because soon enough everybody will be reunited for the spring semester.

Academics can certainly stress students out and upcoming finals are stress-worthy for many. Something that can help students get by is the simple fact that they’re almost done. The 15 weeks are nearing their end and they’ve already gotten this far. Midterms have passed and that’s a big hole in one of academic work completed right there. All of the coursework since day one has led up to these final weeks, so why stop now?

It may take an optimistic push, whether from the above motivational milestones or other things, but students can hang in there until their well deserved break. It can be tough as a college student when struggling to balance school, work, friends and family until break. Looking ahead to this pause in the school year doesn’t have to seem forever away when students find ways to make the time go by faster.