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University Celebrates National Student Transfer Week

The University celebrated National Transfer Student Week for the fifth year in a row, from Oct. 18-22, to recognize the accomplishments and contributions made by transfer students to the Monmouth community. This week is a national campaign coordinated by the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students or the NISTS. The theme for this year was “These Transfer Shoes: Step into My Journey.”

Transfer Services hosted a week of digital and in-person events this week, including a pumpkin decorating contest and a social media trivia contest.

Throughout the week, they posted the journeys and successes of current and alumni transfers on their Instagram page (@mutransferhawks).

Anthony Urmey, Director of Transfer Services & Undeclared Services, was one of the many individuals in charge of putting this week together. He said, “The Transfer Services team works to plan the week’s events with input and assistance from our student workers (who are both transfer students).”

Some of the events were virtual because National Transfer Student Week always coincides with fall break. And, since most transfer students are commuters, this allows them easier access to participate in the activities. Despite the modality of some events, the response has been outstanding. Urmey said, “The Provost graciously recorded a video to show support for transfers and many of our staff colleagues stopped by our Chalk Walk event on Thursday.”

Urmey added that the Transfer Services offices support these students in a variety of ways including organizing New Transfer Student Orientation, a peer mentorship program, and help to improve transfer credits among others.

Arelis Bernal, senior psychology student with a minor in social work, is a transfer student who shared her story on the MU Transfer Hawks Instagram page. She decided to transfer to Monmouth because of the availability of career programs, the University’s reputation, and the proximity to her home. Bernal could not be any more thankful for the support from faculty and staff, which allowed her to have a positive transfer experience.

She said, “The writing center continues to help me improve my writing and reading comprehension. The career development center has helped by offering career programs and resume support. “She added that her advisor, Dr. Nye, is always looking out to offer her the best opportunities and class options.

Julia Angeliadis is a graduate student pursuing her MBA with a concentration in management. She was looking for a school relatively close to home, as she felt dorming was not an option for her. As a result, Monmouth was a great choice. Additionally, she found out that the University offers different business concentrations, so the choice was pretty clear.

“I love it here at Monmouth. Not only is it beautiful, I’ve found some really great mentors and friends along the way,” said Angeliadis.

For her, the availability of the staff has made her experience memorable. Angeliadis said, “I have had some really great people go out of their way to help me, and in turn it has allowed me to learn more both academically and professionally.”

The best way for a transfer student to feel at home is to get involved, which can open doors for new opportunities and new friends.

Bernal is the social media chair of the psychology club, and involved in the Guardian’s Club and the Active Minds club. During her time as an undergrad at Monmouth, Angeliadis was a commuter student mentor, a paper transition assistant for first-year students, a part of the service-learning program, and a member of several honor societies including Tau Sigma, which is specifically for transfer students. Her involvement hasn’t stopped there, as she is currently a graduate assistant for the Management and Leadership department and the Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving department.

“My best memory at Monmouth was transferring here,” Angeliadis said. I honestly never saw myself coming to a school so close to home when I was in high school, but I can definitely say it was the best decision I ever made.”

For Bernal, her best memory was building relationships with professors and getting involved to become a better professional. “I had the opportunity to build friendships with many students even though I am four-times older than them. I have learned how to understand the new and upcoming generations,” said Bernal.

For Urmey, his favorite part of helping transfer students is how inspiring they can be. He said, “The transfers I’ve been fortunate enough to meet during my career have always demonstrated a tremendous amount of grit and determination in the pursuit of their degrees. You can’t help but marvel at that type of attitude.”

To those transfer students struggling to adjust to this new place, Bernal says to not be afraid to ask questions. According to her, it’s better to have the right information to guide you in this new experience. Urmey recommends students to join the Transfer Hawks Club and be proactive during their time at Monmouth.

For Angeliadis, she recommends incoming and current transfers to visit career services as soon as possible. For her career, this department was vital as she is a Social Media Accounts Manager at a Brand Marketing/Social Media/PR company in Red Bank. “Visit career services as soon as you begin your first semester… so that when graduation quickly comes along, you know your options and are well-prepared,” said Angeliadis.

Being a transfer student doesn’t have to be a challenge, and Monmouth offers many services, programs, and opportunities for them to thrive. As per Angeliadis’s favorite quote, “Your limitation—it’s only your imagination.”