Midterm Motivation: How Students Prepare and De-stress

As we reach the cusp of the seventh week of the semester, that can only mean one thing: midterms. Since midterm grades have been submitted by professors earlier this week, many students are finally getting a breath of fresh air from studying and diligently working on projects to ensure that their semester grade reflects their efforts. One is left to wonder, how do Monmouth students stay motivated through such busy, hardworking times? Monmouth never fails to keep the fun during midterms week, especially with all the scheduled events. For example, there have been many festivities as we approach Halloween such as trivia, pumpkin painting and decorating contests, bingo, and much more. Last week was National Transfer Student week, honoring the transfer population here at Monmouth. Though, even more fitting and beneficial to students during midterms was an event called “Midterm Motivation” hosted by Student Activities.

During the “Midterm Motivation” event, there were festive activities for the season as well including door prizes, a caramel apple bar, and free food—all ingredients to calm nerves right before a storm of midterm grades. Rachel Polzer, a secondary English and education student who was anxiously waiting for the event, said, “It helps me balance my time… I like to work my academic schedule around the events at school because it motivates me to get my work done on time.” This is just a testament to how being able to make time for fun and activities makes it easier to get through stressful times.

Emily Rice, a health science student, mentioned she likes to “take breaks to balance school and fun” to get through the stress of midterms and stay motivated, and attending events hosted by Student Activities is only a part of it. It’s also important to form healthy habits during midterms to relieve stress and give yourself a break. For instance, many students like to grab a quick meal or fit in a workout in between their busy class and study schedule. Making time for oneself, and not school work alone, is imperative to staying sane while persevering through a heavy workload. During stressful times and working toward getting over the hump of the semester, it’s essential to stay energized and create a routine while still making time for fun.

“Midterm Motivation” was a great way for students to allow for some fun and included many exciting events. Co-President of the Student Activities Board, Gabriella Carabillo, said, “Sometimes it’s good to get away from all the work. By coming out with your friends and doing activities such as the vision boards and ‘burying your fears’ you are able to take your mind off those things.” The excitement really was booming at the event in the quad. There were many prize winners, caramel apples, and many entertaining set-ups. One example of such a set-up was the table called “Bury Your Fears,” where students wrote down their fears and put them in wooden coffins. The other Co-President of the Student Activities Board, Megan Pagliettini, said, “Coming to events like these over the weekend helps to relieve stress from a long work week.” Students are working through nerves with upcoming tests and projects and being able to let go with all the lively activities on campus can do a lot to give their brains a break.

There are many more exciting events to come and students can check in on what’s happening at the University with tools like the Experience Monmouth app. Managing time and taking a break is essential to campus life. Midterm grades were submitted this past Tuesday, and Monmouth students are preparing to see their successes this far into the semester. With only halfway to go, students are getting to the bulk of their classes and beginning to look forward to the holiday season.