Shannon Smith’s Senior Goodbye

A huge sun glare comes through the glass doors of Rechnitz Hall and I’m standing by the newsstand freshly stacked with that week’s edition, waiting for my art history class to begin. I pick one up and begin reading. I’m enthralled, I continue reading even as I set my bag down and sit at the […]


Senior Showcase in Rechnitz Hall

As the spring semester comes to a close, many graduating seniors look forward to saying their goodbyes to Monmouth. Seniors in the art department often get to do it in a special way: by displaying their years of work in the Senior Showcase. It consists of work from seniors across different disciplines including Graphic Design, […]


Ease into Spring with These 10 Albums

Despite the 80-degree days we’ve experienced as of late, spring has sprung, and with that comes a new music rotation. If you’re anything like me, you are spending the sunny days driving to campus with your windows down, sunglasses on, and blasting your favorite music on Spotify.Whether it be because some albums came out around […]


HawkTank Spotlight: Fludz

Living in New Jersey, it is not uncommon to have experienced a flood. Since Superstorm Sandy in Oct. 2012, many have had to undergo complete home reconstruction or even relocate.Even at the tail-end of 2022, Monmouth County experienced major flooding in coastal towns. NJ.com and the weather service reported Sandy Hook recording waters up to […]


HawkTank Spotlight: iCycle

Many college students strive to be environmentally conscious — whether it’s by using a reusable bag while grocery shopping, using a metal straw in your morning cup of coffee, choosing to recycle plastic waste, or even composting. While there are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, one thing is for sure: each American produces […]


HawkTank Spotlight: Pillow’d

Julia Carlucci, a senior business student, is prepared to pitch her idea for Pillow’d at Monmouth’s Center for Entrepreneurship’s HawkTank on April 6. Carlucci explained, “Pillow’d is a brand that sells decorative pillow inserts and covers that are reusable, yet trendy.” Pillow’d allows customers to use pillow inserts rather than buying a whole new pillow. […]


HawkTank Spotlight: BingeWatch

Monmouth University’s Center for Entrepreneurship’s HawkTank Business Pitch Competition is on the horizon. On April 6, six finalists will present their business idea right here on campus in The Great Hall Auditorium. One of these contestants is Arielle Sinicin. Sinicin, a senior computer science and finance student, plans to pitch her idea for BingeWatch. She […]


Cell Phone Use Among Students: How to Consume Media and Preserve Your Mental and Physical Health

Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives, especially as college students. Many University departments have also shifted to social media platforms to spread information about events, student achievements, and more. Although there are many upsides to social media, understanding how to properly consume media can ultimately aid in not only your mental […]