HawkTank Spotlight: Pillow’d

Julia Carlucci, a senior business student, is prepared to pitch her idea for Pillow’d at Monmouth’s Center for Entrepreneurship’s HawkTank on April 6.

Carlucci explained, “Pillow’d is a brand that sells decorative pillow inserts and covers that are reusable, yet trendy.”

Pillow’d allows customers to use pillow inserts rather than buying a whole new pillow.

As a home decor connoisseur, Carlucci wondered if there was an easier way to store all the decorative pillows that her and her family use as to not be wasteful when the trends fade.

“I believe Pillow’d can benefit communities at scale in numerous ways. Our brand is all about making compromises and implementing small changes into people’s daily lives that make a large impact. Our pillow systems allow our customers to save money, time, and save storage space, all while reducing their waste production. The fast fashion epidemic is growing, and the home décor space needs more innovation to help combat this, and I believe Pillow’d is a great place to start,” expressed Carlucci.

Carlucci thanks Alison Gilbert, the director of Monmouth’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Without Gilbert’s support, Carlucci explained, Pillow’d would just be another line in her Notes app.

On being a finalist for HawkTank, Carlucci said, “I am so thankful and grateful to be a part of something so exciting and relatively new to Monmouth. Being a finalist is an accomplishment in itself and I cannot wait for pitch day to watch all my peers present their businesses, as well. When I originally got the e-mail for HawkTank and responded that I was interested, I did not think I would go through with competing whatsoever, but everything happens for a reason, and it all fell into place.”