Surf’s Up!: Inside MU’s Surf Club

Surf’s up at Monmouth University! Going to school a mile from the beach sure has its perks. Monmouth County is home to several notorious breaks overring a variety of wave conditions and attracting surfers all along the coast to surf the famous New Jersey Breaks. If you are someone who loves the beach community and the ocean, the University’s Surf Club is for you.

Founded in 2014, the Surf Club welcomes newcomers with all skill sets and interests. You don’t have to surf to join; the club offers surf lessons in September, when the water and weather are still warm. The club has many members who hope to share their passion for surfing with others and want others to experience the thrill riding a wave.

President of the Surf Club, Connor Sachs, shared, “My Favorite thing about the club is having a close group of guys to go play in the ocean whenever you feel like it. It’s also a big confidence boost when you paddle out with a pack of animals.”

The Surf Club stays active as much as possible on and off campus, hosting fun and exciting events. This past fall they hosted their annual Halloween Costume paddle out, where surfers of all skill levels dressed up in costumes and had a surf session, sharing laughs and waves.

The club also hosts a few beach clean-ups a semester in various locations in collaboration with other clubs, fraternities, and sororities. Beach clean-ups are also a great way to enjoy being outside and help our environment, meet new people, and have a great time with friends.

Dane Middleton, a sophomore who joined the club when he was a freshman, said, “Surf Club was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who share the same interests. Plus, surfing with friends is always more fun than surfing alone.”

Surf Club advisor and professor Matthew Harmon, Ed.D. said, “I think the Surf Club has had a very positive impact on the campus here at Monmouth. Since the club started, not only have we enhanced the experience for surf interested students, we have connected people that maybe would have not been connected without the club from a personal level. In addition, the numerous community events like beach cleanups have brought continued awareness to issues like pollution and climate change. Not to mention the fact—we are an ocean-based school—with pretty great surf.”

When nice weather rolls around, beach hangouts are always happening with the surf club. They host games like spike ball, bottle bash, Can Jam, and many other activities surrounded by great people and good vibes. In the winter, they host weekly bonfires, poker nights, and trips to the mountain where they team up with the University’s Snowriders Club to shred down the mountain.

You’ll also find the Surf Club participating in local events like live music in Asbury Park, local board swaps by local shapers, and festivals filled with people of the same surfing community.

Whether you’re a master of the waves or an eager beginner, the Surf Club offers something for everyone. As Sachs puts it, “I would describe surfing as being on a sugar rush as a kid; I can’t control myself.”