A Letter to the Editor: The “Opinion Section” of the 40s and 50s

Monmouth University was once known as Monmouth Junior College (MJC). As a junior college, many of Monmouth’s present-day accolades were still in their developing phases, one of which was The Outlook. For example, there was no formal Opinion section at this time; instead, Monmouth community members would submit a “Letter to the Editor” if they […]


Local Entertainment

What’s up guys, hope you enjoyed last week’s article and found something fun to do on Halloweekend. This week, I have more new places you should check out that are not too far from here. If you take Ocean Avenue all the way up north, in about 20 minutes you will reach a town called […]


The Value of a Pet

I think having pets by your side and to take care of is an amazing thing. I am a big dog lover, and, for my family, getting a dog was one of the best things that happened to us. Before we got our dog, a mini golden doodle, my siblings and I would constantly fight […]


When is it Time to Grow Up?

Growing up can feel scary at times, as making your own decisions and moving out of your parents’ house has its pros and cons. Deciding what age is appropriate for one to move out of their parents house is hard to say, and I think it can vary depending on how one’s situation is with […]