Local Entertainment

What’s up guys, hope you enjoyed last week’s article and found something fun to do on Halloweekend. This week, I have more new places you should check out that are not too far from here.

If you take Ocean Avenue all the way up north, in about 20 minutes you will reach a town called Sea Bright. On the outskirts of this town just before the bridge heading into Sandy Hook, there is a restaurant called 2nd Jetty. Here, their menu has an abundance of fresh seafood and plenty of daily specials to choose from. There is always something new to try. With amazing entrees like their linguini and clam pasta, grilled yellow tail tuna, and seafood fra Diavolo. Also, one of my favorite things about this restaurant is its pristine location. It’s right outside of Sandy Hook, which is another place students should check out.

In Sandy Hook, there is a lot of cool history, like the abandoned military bunkers that were left after World War II. Just around the corner from these bunkers is also an amazing overlook where you walk up a few flights of stairs and get a great view of New York City. This location is a great picnic spot during sunset where the lights from New York shine brighter as the night gets darker. Another great thing about Sandy Hook is the wildlife spotting opportunities. Come wintertime, there are a few spots on the bayside where you can see seals lying on the Jetty or the beach at low tide.

Sea Bright is also home to a lot of amazing top-rated restaurants like the Rum Runner, Tommy’s Tavern, Beach Tavern, Drift House, Angelicas, and many more. Sea Bright also has an amazing Surf Shop called Lucky Dog, where they have tons of cool clothes, gear, and accessories. Lucky Dog also has its own surf school where you can get private or group surf lessons and experience their own Surf Camp. They also host a lot of communal events like beach clean-ups. The next one will be on November 5th by the Beach Walk Hotel.

The feel of this town is also a great attribute, it’s a fun and inviting beach town with tons of entertainment and amazing food. The waterfront restaurants really amp up the dining experience in this town. Summertime here is like everywhere else, super crowded, but the nightlife never dies when it’s the off-season.

Another cool town students should check out is Red Bank. Like Seabright, this town has great nightlife and tons of amazing restaurants with waterfront views of the Navesink River. Red Bank is around 20 minutes from campus but it’s a little more inland than Sea Bright. Similar to Asbury Park as well, Red Bank also has a great music setting with a few venues that have a great arena for live performances. There are tons of amazing Italian, Asian, and contemporary American restaurants like Buena Sera, Pazzo restaurant, Via Sposito, The Dining Room, Urban Coalhouse, and many more. Red Bank also has a great arts and culture setting, with multiple art galleries and musical theaters around. Red Bank isn’t too far from the musical culture that Asbury Park has. So I hope whoever is reading this article finds some new places to check out and some new restaurants to try. Once again, there are a lot of neat places around Monmouth University, you just gotta look and see what you like.