Sea Hear Now: The Best Local Music Festival of the Year

If you enjoy sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand and great music, you’re going to want to hear about this.

Asbury Park is notorious for the music it produces and hosts, in addition to the local waves that surfers love to ride. If you mash those two together, you get this great event called, The Sea Hear Now Music Festival.

The festival commences the second weekend of September, starting when the sun is the highest in the sky and ending well after sunset. This festival offers a unique combination of music and surfing, making it an unforgettable experience for attendees.

The music played is a combination of indie, alternative, rock, and folk, attracting a variety of different musical tastes. On the other hand, the surfing competition brings together some of the best surfers on the East coast who come together to compete in a friendly competition.

Sea Hear Now Festival is beyond well-planned. Starting with the musical experience, you are never bored with the artists; every line-up always has mind-blowing performances. In the past, Sea Hear Now has featured bands like The Lumineers, Pearl Jam, Moon Taxi, The Backseat Lovers, Green Day, Cage the Elephant, and many other amazing bands. The up-and-coming festival for this year has likewise talented bands lined up, such as Greta Van Fleet, Mt. Joy, Foo Fighters, and The Killers.

With two stages set up right on the beach, you can enjoy great music while feeling the sand between your toes and taking in the stunning ocean views and cool breeze.

Tired of the sand? No problem — there is a stage in the park where you can walk along the comfy grass.
Hungry? No sweat; there are over 15 great food stations with a variety of options to keep you fueled up and ready to go again.

Need drinks? Not an issue. All over the complex there are numerous bars and stands where you can get the drinks you want at a great price.

Perhaps one of the best things about Sea Hear Now is its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The festival is designed to minimize its impact on the environment and takes steps to reduce waste. A massive water station is provided to refill your reusable water bottle, which greatly reduces plastic waste. Awards are also given to people who collect a full trash bag of plastic in an effort to promote a positive change.

Aside from music, surfing, and food, Sea Hear Now also offers a diverse set of other activities and experiences for festivalgoers to enjoy. The festival hosts vendors that sell clothing, jewelry, and art, making it easy to find the perfect souvenir or gift. Additionally, there are several other attractions to explore in the surrounding area, like walking around Asbury Park with all of its amazing shops and restaurants. The festival’s gates are easy-going and allow you to go in and out as you please, meaning you can do what you want throughout the day and come back well-rested, ready to enjoy everything this festival throws at you.

Sea Hear Now Music Festival is an unforgettable experience that combines the best music, surfing, food, and culture. If you are a fan of music, surfing, or just having a good time on the beach, Sea Hear Now is the place to be this year.