HawkTank Spotlight: BingeWatch

Monmouth University’s Center for Entrepreneurship’s HawkTank Business Pitch Competition is on the horizon. On April 6, six finalists will present their business idea right here on campus in The Great Hall Auditorium. One of these contestants is Arielle Sinicin.

Sinicin, a senior computer science and finance student, plans to pitch her idea for BingeWatch. She explained, “BingeWatch is an app for iOS that helps users keep track of their monthly finances by focusing on their streaming service subscriptions, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more… BingeWatch automatically tracks the monthly subscription costs of each service as well as how often users watch on each one. By using BingeWatch, users can gain a better understanding of their streaming service expenses and make informed decisions about how to manage their finances.”

For Sinicin, this idea sprouted as a college student trying to juggle all of her streaming services. She found it hard to keep track of expenses each month and even those services she was paying for but not using as much. Sure that other students were feeling the same, she strived to create an app that not only allowed the user to track these expenses, but also to see usage of these services on a month-to-month basis.

Sinicin had some help in developing BingeWatch. She explained, “Monmouth and the Monmouth Center for Entrepreneurship, specifically Alison Gilbert and Professor Raman Lakshmanan, have been indispensable in the planning and curation of my application and HawkTank pitch. I have a prototype of the basic functions of this app created and working, and I am continuing to perfect my pitch for the HawkTank competition with the help of both Alison and Dr. Lakshmanan.”

“I am beyond excited to be a finalist for HawkTank. I grew up watching the show SharkTank with my family, and I feel so lucky that I get to participate in a similar competition at the college level. I am most excited to share my ideas with a larger audience and get professional feedback from the judges,” Sinicin concluded.