Senior Showcase in Rechnitz Hall

As the spring semester comes to a close, many graduating seniors look forward to saying their goodbyes to Monmouth. Seniors in the art department often get to do it in a special way: by displaying their years of work in the Senior Showcase. It consists of work from seniors across different disciplines including Graphic Design, Animation, and Fine Arts.

When you walk into Rechnitz Hall you will be greeted by pops of color, bold designs, and scattered resumes and business cards. One of the highlights of these exhibitions is the senior thesis projects that many of these students have been working on for the last year. This year’s Senior Showcase has a substantial variety in thesis projects; some include app designs, infographics, branding, and more.

Paige Grippo, a senior graphic design student, said, “The thesis project from the beginning was such a fun experience to put together, from coming up with an idea to piecing it together and watching it become one of my favorite projects I’ve done over the past four years at Monmouth. I take a lot of pride in what I put together because the meaning behind the project means a lot to me and what I’ve been through. I’m very excited for people to see the outcome!”

Michael Richison, MFA, Associate Professor and Departmental Advising Coordinator of Art and Design, teaches AR-409 Senior Year Experience: Thesis/Portfolio. He said, “I’m so proud of this year’s seniors, and I’m excited to see the gallery exhibit when it’s finished. We have a great group this year, and we have a very diverse show with app design, branding, typography, animation, paintings, sculptures, and graphic novels!”

Students find it gratifying to set up their exhibits after years of hard work. Jenni Ackerman, a senior graphic design student, stated, “Hanging up for the show and seeing everyone’s work as it goes up piece by piece puts everything into perspective. Everyone has a unique style, and each thesis topic is diverse. This graduating class of seniors really shows a lot of range on the ideas and topics for each thesis project.”

The Department of Art and Design’s Senior Showcase is on display in Rechnitz Hall from April 10 to April 23.