Upcoming Fall Internship & Career Day

The Office of Career Development is hosting their annual Fall Career Internship & Career Day Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

This year, the office boasts over 60 registered employers from various industries looking to fill part-time, full-time, and internship positions with Monmouth University undergraduate and graduate students.

Although this is an event that has historically taken place in-person at the Ocean First Bank Center, the Office of Career Development notes that the fair being virtual for the second year in a row may even be to students’ advantage. Jeff Mass, Associate Director of the Office of Career Development, explained that “One of the most apparent benefits of attending any career fair is the concentrated number of employers all in one place. A virtual career fair gives you the ability to meet directly with several employers from various sectors in a short amount of time and—if all goes well—make a positive impact that helps you stand out.”

Beth Ricca, Executive Director for Career Development, agreed with Mass, stating that the “Career Development Office has engaged with more nationally-based employers with the virtual format since recruiters don’t need to travel to campus. Now, students [and employers] can participate from anywhere using their own laptops, computers or smartphones.”

The Office of Career Development not only works to connect employers with Monmouth’s finest, but also assists students in preparing for the professional hiring process, such as resume writing. “The Career Development Office is happy to assist with resume-writing and there are some excellent resources available on our website. It’s important to understand that most employers use applicant tracking systems when you submit your resume online to apply for a position,” exclaimed Ricca. “Resumes must be tailored to each job description and include industry key words in order to get past these tracking systems.”

Nevertheless, to be successful at events such as this one, students have to take additional steps that showcase and distinguish their interest apart from the competition. For starters, “the Monmouth students who are most successful usually register in advance and take some time to learn more about the companies that will be in attendance,” stated Ricca. With that foundation, Mass also suggested preparing a list of questions for each employer based on your research of the company. “Your goal when entering the virtual career fair should be to talk to all employers on your interest list,” said Mass.

Leah Frain, President of PRSSA and Shadow PR Firm, spoke first-hand of the impact preparation can have on students’ chances of earning a job. “Having knowledge about an organization you are excited about will make you come off as prepared and put together to the recruiter. Being personable and informed will help you stand out,” support Frain.

The Internship/Career Fair is open to any and all students looking to explore their interests in the professional world. More specifically, it is a tangible opportunity that links students with employment. Mass agreed, “This is the main reason why students should attend a college career fair. It offers you a chance to present yourself to potential employers.”

Jacqueline Barton, Student Assistant to the Office of Career Development, corroborated both Mass’s and Ricca’s sentiments. “The virtual internship and career fair is a great place to make professional connections and learn how to be more comfortable in a professional setting. It gives students the ability to decide which employers suit their goals and career aspirations.”