Before you Graduate…

Graduation is approaching quite quickly for most college students around the world. It is no different at the University. Time flies during college years. One minute you are entering your very first class and before you know it, you’re walking out of your very last class of undergraduate college. It’s a memorable time in your life, but what are some experiences that every University student should have before they graduate? As the unforgettable movie character Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

As a student, it is a given that the academic opportunities are great, but fun times are a must as well with friends, new people and more. One of the biggest must-do’s for any MU student is to go to the beach during their time here. It’s only a mile down the road and a nice way to relax. Plus, how many colleges can say that they are right by the beach? When the weather is warm and class ends, grab your sunscreen and head toward the coast.

Another popular outing near the University is to visit the nearby Pier Village. There are restaurants, boutiques, cafes and more for you to spend a day wandering through. The nightlife is equally as energizing as well. Come time for the warm weather and the social scene is bursting with even more vivacity. It is not uncommon to overhear students on campus asking others to “meet me at Pier”.

Having fun is a hefty part of the experience, but let’s not forget about the collegiate side as well. There are plenty of academic opportunities that truly can enhance your experience.

“Taking advantage of working with a faculty/staff member on a project or on research is a great idea,” said Jordan Levinson, a junior.

College is prepping us for professional work and can you guess who already has a lot of experience? That’s right, our very own faculty and staff. Creating working bonds with the faculty/staff can do more for you than you may think. Don’t be afraid to pick their brains. Learning from these professionals can be a lesson in itself. 

“I think students should use their time in college to experience opportunities that they may not have had before. For example, we have clubs that pertain to skiing, hiking, camping, club sports, singing, radio, television, community service, etc. They can join something that gives them a chance to do something different. Also, they have a chance to learn about career options by joining clubs related to different majors. They don’t have to make a big commitment to the club to learn about what these areas are like. A lot of the opportunities are free or low cost, and they will not have all this at their fingertips after college,” said Amy Bellina, Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations.

For those who live on campus, make sure to not forget about the little things surrounding you. Hang out in the dining hall with friends. Spend an afternoon relaxing on Shadow Lawn with your roommates. Participate in Battle of the Buildings. Go eat a late night dinner at Shadows. Even if you commute, you sure can join in on it all. Go to the annual Winter Ball for a night of semi-formal dancing in historic Wilson Hall and Spring Fest for an outdoor concert experience. As students here, there are numerous events to have fun at.

No matter if you commute, live on campus, are a freshman, sophomore, junior or a senior, don’t let your time at the University go by without experiencing the memories that can be made. Your college time is what you make it. Before you know it, that diploma will be in your hand and you won’t be looking for your grades on WebAdvisor anymore.

PHOTO TAKEN from ironstatedevelopment.wordpress.com