A Look at Zach Fabel

Typically, shore towns are known to produce surfers and sailors. Junior tight end Zach Fabel is an exception. Originally hailing from Brigantine, NJ, he arrived at the University in 2012, but red-shirted as a freshman and did not see the football field until last season. The true freshman came bursting onto the field last year. Coming in at 6’3″ and 265-pounds, Fabel made an impact in his second career game when he caught a 42-yard pass for a touchdown against Liberty University. The Hawks would go on to lose that particular game, however, Fabel was a bright spot and proved his football ability.

Fabel was immediately drawn to MU in 2012 before he officially committed. “I chose MU because it was close to home, and the coaches and veteran players really bonded with me,” Fabel said. “It made me feel this was the right place for me, plus it’s by the beach.” Not only did Fabel connect with coaches and players at the University, he also had support from home. Throughout his football career, his parents were there for him, whether it was peewee, his four years at Holy Spirit High School (where he won back-to-back state championships), or his seasons at MU, he has always had a backbone. “My parents instilled the words ‘never give up’ into me as a kid, and it made me strive to be the best player I could be, not only for myself, but for them as well,” said Fabel.

Young athletes not only seek guidance from home, they look towards their role models. “For me, I liked watching Jeremy Shockey play,” Fabel said. “Even though I am an Eagles fan I loved how Shockey played the game with a lot of heart and determination, and I try to mimic that when I step onto the turf.”

It very quickly became apparent that Fabel would surely live up to his role model’s determination and dedication during his career as a Hawk. In his first year, No. 85 played all 12 games for the blue and white catching nine receptions for 19 yards and scoring two touchdowns. Unfortunately, all of Fabel’s accomplishments came at a price. Throughout the 2012 season, Fabel battled hip pains and eventually had to undergo offseason surgery. “I had been battling all year, but that was not going to stop me from playing,” he said. “I had my surgery after the season was over and worked every day to get back to 100 percent.”

The surgery sidelined Fabel for the first two games of this season, however, he returned to the Hawks’ roster for the season’s third game against Duquesne and was a leading blocker for running backs Kwabena Asante and Lavon Chaney. Although, the game did not fair in MU’s favor, Fabel was feeling healthy and ready to go which was a major attribution for the Hawks’ offense.

“As part of the offense, we have to put points on the board, especially with two more road games coming up,” said Fabel. In his second game back, he helped lead the charge in a 28-21 Hawks road win against Lehigh University. “I feel better than ever, and I will do whatever it takes to win,” said Fabel.

Fabel came into the 2014 season with a fresh start on his mind after having surgery. He even changed his appearance to a clean-cut look after he cut his long hair that he has showcased to Hawks fans the past two years.

“Since I cut my hair, it is not as hot under my helmet as it used to be, and I also have a better line of vision when I am trying to make a block or go out for a pass,” Fabel said.

The tight end continues his work on the field, but also off the field. When he is not playing football, Fabel is working in the Monmouth Athletics Communications office as a student worker. Whether Zach Fabel is playing football or working, he performs with passion and works hard to make sure he stays at a high level of performance.

PHOTO COURTESY of Taylor Jackson