Are 90s Classic TV Shows The Best? “You Got It, Dude!”

There was a time long ago when family sitcoms and cartoons dominated the world of television. Sounds weird right? Now cheesy reality television has taken over the media industry. There is just something about it that seems to be thrilling and draws us in. Let’s put aside the present for a second and have a blast from the past: the 90s.

The 90s were a time of simplicity for us college kids. We were all young without a care in the world. Pondering about the 90s decade leaves me with feelings of nostalgia. Since we all sadly cannot go back in time, why not pretend by living through our favorite 90s television shows?

“You got it dude!” Does that catch phrase ring a bell? My all time favorite show to this day is Full House. This 90s classic never gets old and is very quotable, as we can all clearly see. If I’m lucky, sometimes I’m able to catch it on at 9 pm, but sadly this rarely happens due to my busy college schedule. I would honestly do anything to have Full House make new seasons again and air constantly, as odd as that may sound. I am a die-hard fan, I am not exaggerating either.

For my birthday I have asked for a Full House T-shirt with Danny Tanner on it. I know strange, but hey what can I say, I am a true fan! Full House combines comedy with real world problems that just makes it hilarious, yet fantastic. If the Full House DVD set was not $200 I would buy it in a second. Others may or may not share my strange Full House obsession, but lets see what 90s television shows students still long for.

Kaitlyn Robertson, a freshman special education major, said, “I really wish Hey Arnold was still on television. The show reminds me of all the times my brother and I use to watch television together. We do not get that kind of quality time together anymore.”

Robertson continued, “Thinking about old cartoons brings back so many memories from my childhood. It makes me feel nostalgic. Another plus of the show is it was very funny as well.”

Karen Zavala, a freshman health studies major, shares the same enjoyment as Robertson.

“Hey Arnold was such a hilarious show. Helga was probably my favorite character. She always said the funniest, sassiest stuff that just made certain scenarios so funny. For example, Helga’s most famous line: “What do you want football head?” You just do not get shows with that kind of humor anymore; it is pretty rare.

Alli Ganim, a freshman, wishes a show would still come on that was prominent in the 80s as well as the 90s. “I wish Saved by the Bell was still televised often. What made this show so great was the experiences the characters would face and go through. You could easily relate to all the characters since they all are similar ages as us,” she said.

Ganim continued, “They all had similar problems and issues as we do. All of the situations they faced were all resolved somehow, so this personally gave me hope by thinking all issues can be resolved one way or another.”

Diane Zuchnik, an adjunct English professor, said, “Oh my God, that is easy, Dallas! Everyone was absolutely addicted to it! I remember being at a friend’s house party on a Friday night, and suddenly all the women disappeared into a bedroom and closed the door. Yup, you guessed it, Dallas was on!

“Bobby was the “good,” kind brother, and JR, oh, well, he was the JR, he got shot for his dastardly deeds, that was all everyone talked about since it was the ‘cliffhanger’ at the end of a season! Great memories,” continued Zuchnik.

Someone needs to wake up and revive 90s television. We all need to ditch the reality television and bring back the true classics. What are we all waiting for? I am now going to write my petition to Nickelodeon and demand Full House to air during the day. Hey, you have to please the customer right?

IMAGE TAKEN from thetruthtelevision.com