The Black Friday Blues: What is Worth Standing Outside at 12 am for?

Oh, Black Friday, the day when you shop till you drop, literally. This chaotic day is toxic to our bank accounts, even though almost everything is on sale. Unfortunately, it adds up. Although it is the biggest day of the year to blow money, most of us still participate. Hey, what’s not fun about shopping at three in the morning, right?

Black Friday has been a day after Thanksgiving tradition for ages. People are known to lineup outside of stores as early as the night of Thanksgiving in order to achieve the Christmas gifts they desire. Riots often break out due to chaotic crowds swarming in right when the clock strikes 12. Who knew new electronics could be worth an injury?

My family and I go Black Friday shopping almost every year. We scout out some good sales, but we do not do anything excessive. We definitely do not sit outside of a store for hours in order to obtain an item. I am not even going to try to persuade my parents to do that this year; I already know the answer would be no.

It would be quite interesting to sit outside of a store at midnightthough. I’ll try it when I’m older…maybe.

The best item I have ever bought at a Black Friday sale was probably a two-dollar scarf. I know, not too exciting. Maybe this year I will switch it up and get a nice pair of shoes or something.

I am sure students and faculty on campus have gotten more interesting items on sale than me. Someone on campus must have camped out outside of Walmart in order to buy an Xbox, but then again, maybe not. Some University students might surprise you and some might have some clever alternatives.

Nicolette Pezza, a freshman communication major, said, “I actually do not participate in Black Friday. I am more of a Cyber-Monday kind of girl. I do not really like the idea of getting up to go to a store after midnight; it just seems stressful, honestly.”

Pezza continued, “I really like being able to shop at home from my computer. I am just too lazy to make the trip and deal with the chaos on Black Friday.”

Lexi Morrison, a junior communication major, takes a similar approach to Pezza when it comes to catching a good sale.

“I actually do not participate in Black Friday. It has never been a big thing in my family. Typically, we put up our Christmas decorations as a family that day. I know for some of my friends, it is big deal waking up early and what not, but I have never gotten into it. If anything, I might start to participate in Cyber-Monday. It is more convenient, but I am only going to participate if I have money, which I definitely do not right now.”

Marasia Laster, a freshman communication major, is a student who enjoys the thrill of shopping at odd hours of the morning and night.

“I participated in Black Friday last year. I went to Walmart because they have a huge variety of stuff. “

Laster continued, “I also went to Staples to get a laptop because Walmart started Black Friday too soon last time.”

Lauren Payne, an adjunct professor of communication agreed that she will not be shopping on Black Friday either.

“No way! I hate shopping and I hate crowds even more. If anything, I’ll shop online that day,” she said.

Black Friday will always be known as the craziest day of the year to shop. Whether you go at midnight or as early as three in the morning, you will be sure to catch a sale. I cannot wait to go on my Black Friday excursion and hunt down all of my favorite stores. I will for sure not be camping outside of any stores though, at least for this year. Hopefully, this time around I will find something better than a two-dollar scarf (fingers crossed). Maybe you will be one of those lucky ones and find a television for $20. Hey, you never know.