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What to Wear to ‘Spring’ into this Season’s Fashion

Snow may still be covering parts of the ground, but do not be fooled, warm weather will be here before you can say Winter Storm Juno. Since outdoor activities are still taking a back seat to staying in a warm heated house, what better way to keep your mind off the cold weather than shopping in preparation for those hot summer nights. 

2015 spring fashion season has brought on some bold trends that are sure to spice up your wardrobe. Whereas the past few spring seasons have seen the same floral trends and different pastel colors, this spring offers a breath of fresh, and warm, air. So put on that parka one last time and bear the cold in search of outfits that will keep you looking cool all season long

Fashionistas all around are breathing a sigh of relief with the trends this season. Brett O’Grady, a freshman business major, said, “I have to stay far away from malls right now. Everything in the stores looks so new and unique, I want to buy all the trends and add them into my style.”

One of the biggest trends this year is the reimagined shirtdress. Although a staple in many women’s closets, this year the trend comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. With different waists, longer and shorter hemlines, some even donning high or low slits, it is up to you to find which one matches your style. 

It’s a perfect dress too that goes from the office to happy hour. Krystal Wilson, a senior finance major, said, “I love this trend because it will be a perfect staple to add into my growing work wardrobe. It is comfortable and versatile.”

A few spring fashion season’s ago you could not buy a shirt unless it exposed your shoulders. Luckily, the trend is back.Shoulders have always been considered in fashion a subtly sexy part of the body. Exposing them exposes the collar bone and offers a unique silhouette in dresses and tops. Pick one up this spring and have everyone staring in envy. 

Tagging along from last spring season, kimono jackets are thankfully here to stay. Add more to your wardrobe this season, with different longer variations. These kimonos come in different, patterns, colors, and materials. The coolest way to wear one this season is cinching it around your waist to help girls accentuate their shape. Most are made with lightweight material so it won’t be stifling, although it will still help layering in summer outfits. When the real warm weather arrives, you can use your kimono as a beach cover up over your swimsuit.

Another trend this season that attempts to keep women layering all year round is the apron. At first thought, an apron may seem nothing flattering and something used only in the kitchen. But do not fret, designers around the world have reimagined the apron to be more like an added layer to a skirt. Most wrap all the way around the waist, come in pretty patterns, and all shapes and colors. 

Like with all seasonal “it” trends, not all of them are necessarily meant to catch on. Katie Abigati, a senior social work student, doesn’t think the apron fashion statement seems practical. 

“I don’t think I could really rock an ‘apron’, no matter how cute it looked.” She says, “Summer is hot, the less layers the better!”

Another wild trend this spring takes inspiration from the wild itself. It is not the traditional animal print from the jungle, like tiger or lion print. Instead, it is more unique. Expect to see unexpected animals in big bold prints. Think big seahorses, a row of flamingos, or sea urchins. This trend is far from forgettable in a very contemporary way. 

While the apron may have been too left field, a shirt that dons flamingoes is trendy yet different. Make sure to pick up a piece and incorporate it all spring long. This trend will probably make its way into summer too, especially the sea creature patterns.

Every season comes with colors that are all the rage; Spring 2015 sees bold yellows, all white ensembles, pairing white and blue, as well as military green. All from the more earthy tones, they are colors that flatter an skin tone! There is a shade of forest green from the tannest to the palest person. White compliments all skin tones, as well does yellow. 

Although there are not as many aspects to a man’s wardrobe, for the metro man, this spring is looking very chic. Guys don’t be afraid to rock the “redneck tuxedo.” As far as men’s fashion goes, denim on denim could not be any more fashionable. 

Some of the big standout colors for guys are reds or blue and green combination. One of bold, while the other is subdued but both could not be hotter for guys this spring. 

Brian Boyle, an adjunct professor of economics, finance, and real estate, said of the color combination green and blue, “I love being able to wear lighter colors. I like that they will have a lot of those in store this spring. Lighter colors just scream warm weather!”

It seems as right now none of these trends will ever be seen under our warm sweatpants and thick winter jackets, but soon enough spring will reign over winter. 

As quickly as the snow days have come and gone, spring will shine down on us with all it’s warmth. So for now look for these hot trends to keep you warm!