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Who You are Meant to be According to Astrology

Astrology is often confused with astronomy, however, the two offer very different views. “Astrology is a myth while astonomy is science,” Gloria Simmons-Brown, an adjunct astronomy professor said. 

Astronomy is the science of the universe while astrology is an interpretation of how the universe is dispalyed. In other words, astrology is the belief that the stars can predict one’s future based on their date of birth. While many may not believe the stars have this ability, society as a whole believes astrology to be well practiced.

Think about it: when you go to a bar, they may ask what is your “sign.” This term relates directly back to astrology, a science of thought first introduced by the Ancient Greeks.

Horoscopes are perhaps the most well-known aspect of astrology. They have formed off the basis of astrological methods of finding meaning in the sky, but instead of focusing on all elements in the sky, it looks at the stars and their constellations. A horoscope is meant to tell one’s characteristics as well as portions of their future.

Casey Allocco, a senior studying communication, said that she tries to read her horoscope daily, but does not always find it to be truthful. “I read my horoscope everyday on the app DailyHoroscope. I wasn’t sure if I believed them, but the more I read about my sign, the more I realize it actually does describe my personality. It tells me often that Pisces adapt to the characteristics of people around them and it changes who they are. I see that in myself along with a few others.”

Erica Bonavitacola, a senior communication major, also believes horoscopes can tell some characteristics of a person. “I’m a Virgo and some main characteristics of a Virgo is that they are extremely sensitive and intuitive. They are also very quick to put others before themselves.” 

While some people put full faith in these horoscopes and even have horoscope apps on their phones, Brianna Freno, a senior psychology major, is a little hesitant to put faith in astrology. 

“I’m not sure if people try to make things come true, but I feel like when people read their horoscope at the end of the day, they try to twist it so that it makes sense and is relevant to something that happened that day, even though it probably wasn’t,” Freno said.

“I don’t believe in horoscopes,” Rachel Fox, a senior Education major added. “I consider them a pseudo-science because there is no evidence for them.”

Regardless of your belief, there are certain characteristics each astrological sign is said to possess. The zodiacs, which literally means “the circle of animals” in Greek are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Although Aries are those born between March 21 and April 19, the sign begins the zodiac circle. Aries are very physical people who always need to be kept busy. They often achieve many of their goals just because of how much energy they have, however, they also take on more than they can handle. While they are most compatible with an Aquarius, they are destined to be with a Leo. 

Taurus, which is symbolized by a bull, is resolute, sensual, dependable, secure, and stubborn. They cling to their own mind set and often dismiss new ideas.  They are destined to be with a Pisces.

Gemini, the twins of the sky, is often depicted as two personalities, however this is not how the Greeks characterized the constellation. Instead, they believed Gemini’s to be multi-talented and social. They are known for their communicative abilities, however, they often say whatever they are thinking which gets them into trouble. They are destined to be with either a Taurus or a Libra.

Those with the zodiac sign of Cancer are the most emotional of the 12 signs. They show sympathy to all, are charitable, faithful, but also moody. They are most compatible and destined to be with an Aries.

Leo is, symbolized by the lion, share many characteristics with Aries. Their claim to fame is their pride and their stubbornness. They are destined to be with a Sagittarius or a Pisces.  

Virgos are known to easily adapt to situations and to make themselves useful. They often hate the limelight and try to deflect any attention. They are destined to be with a Capricorn, yet is most compatible with a Cancer.

Next in the zodiacs is Libra, a refined, social, artistic, and overly concerned with relationships personality. They tend to charm others in order to finish a group goal. They are destined to be with an Aquarius.

Scorpio’s hold the most unique characteristics of the 12 signs. They are secretive, steadfast, passionate and stubborn. An emotional attachment is not easily dismissed by a Scorpio. They are known to be jealous and possessive. They are destined to be with a Pisces.

Sagittarius is a combination of likable characteristics. They tend to be honest, generous, reckless, extroverted, and free. They have a lot of energy stored and feel a great need for independence. While they are most compatible with Libra’s, they are destined to be with an Aries.

Capricorn have a business-like mind set. They are very determined and often strive to reach higher goals then they set. Capricorns are known to view life as one big project, yet are realistic when it comes to achieving goals. They are destined to be with a Libra.

Aquarius are detached, progressive, humane, and unpredictable. They are witty, yet sarcastic and unemotional. They are destined to be with a Gemini.

Pisces are compassionate, adaptable, accepting yet are also very shy. They can adapt emotionally to an environment, but may also mimic others personality’s in order to be liked by the group. They are destined to be with a Cancer. 

A senior psychology major, Lindsey Pieschl, urges people to remember that a horoscope is up to interpretation. One sentence can have an entirely different meaning to two different people.

“I think that there is a sort of ‘magic’ that draws people to horoscopes. There is a cognitive bias that takes place called the forer effect which creates the illusion that horoscopes are specifically tailored to certain astrological signs while in reality, the descriptions or fortunes are so general that they could be applied to a large number of people. People who read their horoscopes may be looking for confirmation in their actions while others may just read them for fun,” she said.

Professor Simmons-Brown added, “Those that truly believe in astrology do not have a grounding in the science of astronomy.”

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