Monumental Perks of Monmouth

With the spring semester soon drawing to a close, marking the end of another acadamic school year, both underclassmen and graduating seniors look back on their time at the University and reflect on their decision to attend Monmouth and if it has met or exceeded their expectations. 

The Outlook editorial staff members are happy that they made the decision of attending this private, beach school. 

When deciding on a university to attend, there are various elements of a school that may capture people’s interest and sell them on attending. One editorial board member said all the facilities the school has to offer and the people they’ve met, both within the student body and administration when visiting Monmouth left an impression on them that made them decide to come here. Also, this board member said when touring the school, the quality of work produced from Monmouth students also intrigued them enough to want to be a part of this community. 

Another staff member said what helped them decide on attending Monmouth was its location. The editor said, “We are located in a prime geographic area (wedged in between Philly and NYC), so we have a vast array of internship opportunities. We are essentially located in a huge media market.” Additionally, the editor said that being a mile away from the beach was a huge selling point. The area of the school is also very safe, which made the staffer feel comfortable. 

Other staffers felt the same way about the location of Monmouth, as one staff member is a commuter and loves the school’s close proximity to her home. The student knew that he/she did not want to dorm away at college, so he/she needed to go somewhere within a commuting distance.

Various editorial board members agreed on the small class sizes being very appealing, especially for those coming from small, tight-knit high schools. One editorial board member did the “Mondays at Monmouth” program when in high school and loved how he/she got to sit in on an actual class and saw how small and intimate the classroom environment was.  

Once the decision was made on attending Monmouth, expectations were made by the editorial staff members. Academically, editorial staff members feel that the University has met their expectations for the most part. One editorial member said, “Everything about Monmouth feels really personal since it’s a smaller school and I really feel like I’ve built relationships with faculty and have been able to take advantage of the resources that have been made available to me.”

Another staff member said almost everyone on campus is welcoming and friendly, from the janitors to the cafeteria workers to the workers who post guard at the entrances of parking lots.

While at Monmouth, one staff member said they were exposed to all the resources imaginable to be able to boost their resume by joining the various clubs and organizations on campus, and earn impressive grades while here. “We go to a ‘mid-major’ University, where we have a large, diverse, credentialed faculty and we have equipment and resources that are competitive. The thing I love about Monmouth is that we can compete with larger universities, like Rutgers University or Penn State. Here, we have the opportunity to get involved and actually move up the executive board in practically any club, whereas at larger institutions it is extremely competitive, and those chances are limited,” one editor noted.

In regards to Monmouth’s facilities, the dorm buildings met staff members’ expectations and they collectively feel that Monmouth has one of the best dorming options of any local NJ college they visited. One editorial member lived in the Honors School dorms their first year and the built-in community helped make their adjustment much easier.  

In regards to social life expectations, some of The Outlook staff was disappointed, especially their freshman year. Several members agreed that unless one joins greek life, there isn’t much to do on campus come the night time and on weekends. One staffer said as they got older, however, they were able to go out to places in Long Branch and the other surrounding towns. 

One editor said, “Although we don’t have a ‘college town,’ we have an awesome area filled with Hangover Specials at Bagel Guys (which definitely comes in clutch), Turning Point, Rook Coffee, Broad Street Dough Co (for whenever my sweet tooth is doing a little jig and craving some sugar), and just an overall safe and enjoyable atmosphere.”

“Dorming in general has always been the bulk of my social life, because my roommates are my best friends. We’ve had plenty of fun at local places like Pier Village and the Monmouth Mall, so I don’t really mind that we don’t live in a college town,” said another editorial member.

While attending a private university definitely has its advantages, The Outlook editorial board agreed that there are some disadvantages to it as well. All of the staff wishes the University’s sports scene was bigger compared to state schools, such as Rutgers. One staff member said, “I feel like I miss out on the party scene and the awesome tailgates before major sporting events, which is kind of a bummer.” 

Although the tailgates aren’t a selling point, one editor jokingly said that he/she loved the “party” he/she has almost daily with the infamous Monmouth squirrels. “I love the little squirrels. Those suckers (which I’m convinced are like half-robotic or something) really have no fear. They just prance around campus collecting leftovers of Carlos’ omelettes, and they just seem happy,” the editor said.

Overall, The Outlook staff is happy with their decision to attend the Univesity. The location, close knit-community, small class sizes, and personable staff all contribute to the staff members’ experience at Monmouth.