MU Builds Intriguing ‘Mob’ Affiliation

The Monmouth Mob has been revamped from head to toe. Due to recent changes, the University’s official athletic support team is poised for an interesting 2015-2016 season. 

In traditional “Mob” form, this coming year, you have to give a little to get a little. In the past, there was no sign up fee and no substantial benefits for students in the MU fan section. Come fall, that will all change. 

“We’re trying to build a connection between athletics and the student body to increase attendance at games, increase awareness, and to basically help our student body be more involved with our athletic programs on campus,” said Assistant Athletics Director and head of ticketing, Tony White.  

Beginning immediately, prospective Monmouth Mob members will be asked to pay a $20 fee to join the supporters section which will last straight through the 2015-2016 seasons. 

Yes, it’s going to cost you this year, and you may very well have wrote off getting involved with the Mob already. But there are two sides to every story and the benefits from becoming a member might just be all too enticing to pass up. 

For starters, each Monmouth Mob member will get two tickets to any men’s/women’s basketball game along with lower bowl seating in exclusive Mob sanctioned seating for both basketball and football games. Each member will also receive a Monmouth Mob tee shirt and a Blue and White Club window decal. Fan busses to select MU games will be provided for Mob members as well. 

Arguably one of the most tempting of the benefits would have to be the gift cards and coupons from the sponsors. Sponsors are still being considered and have yet to be solidified but sources close to the Mob have noted Surf Taco, McLoone’s, Turning Point, Rooney’s, Scala’s, Jersey Mike’s and Jack’s Goal Line Stand to be possible candidates. The Mob is also looking to work with the MU Bookstore in efforts to gain a discount on gear for members to go along with their newly added five percent discount off merchandise. 

“Monmouth Mob members will get perks no one else will get while promoting the relationship between the students in the stands and the athletes on the field,” said Student Marketing Assistant, Alexis Swatt. “Joining the Mob will strengthen the athletic department and will ultimately make Monmouth a more desirable place to go to school for prospective students.”

Those in the Mob will also receive membership as a student Blue and White Club member. 

“Blue and White is our athletics annual fund that goes towards facility enhancements, scholarship and endowments, which all help make each program better and more successful,” said White. 

Becoming a student Blue and White Club member will also grant Mob members the opportunity to network with Blue and White members, sponsors and other connections MU has built. Networking events will be held exclusively for the Mob adding all the more value to signing up. 

The Mob is also working towards a weekly function being referred to as a “Game of the Week.” 

Essentially, one game a week will feature tailgating and free food for Mob members only. This proposition has not been set in stone and there have been no guarantees as to how often these special events will occur. However, Mob members should expect a handful of them to take place during each season, although consistency of the “Games of the Week” will remain in speculation. 

“It’s not just for student athletes either; we’re trying to get both sections of campus to come together and unify as one to support their school, we’ve been talking with Greek life and SGA,” said Assistant Athletics Director and head of marketing and promotions, Caroline Kelly. “Basically if they come out to support us we’ll be able to send our members out to support their events as well.”

There is no denying the new and improved Monmouth Mob has potential to bring MU athletics to new heights. More than ever before, MU students will  have a real impact the athletic department. But will the changes pay off? Only time will tell.