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We Have A Lot Of Story Yet To Tell | Maggie Zelinka’s Senior Goodbye

robin williamsMy life has been nothing but an oxymoron. My name is Margaret Mary Zelinka and I grew up on Church Road in Cinnaminson, NJ. My name suggests I am a 92-year-old nun, but I am a 21-year-old college student. 

Although I pride myself on the fact that I am young, come graduation, I am going to feel like the 92-year-old my name suggests. My absolute greatest fear is growing up; I realize that this fear is merely wasted energy seeing as you cannot stop the aging process, but it is a fear nonetheless. I try to remind myself that even though you get older each day, you also get wiser, expand your horizon, and have fun.

With this said, I have met many people throughout college who have influenced me in those three fields. This next part is dedicated to them.

The Outlook: This is my fourth year with The Outlook and no group of editors comes close to this year’s. From IBDonJulio to Stinky, we have had a fair share of strange moments. Fab, we will never be on par with Vanilla Ice, but do we really want to be? I will miss eating the pizza toppings with you. Erin, you brighten my life with your sass and your love for 1D. Victoria, you are bitter and I actually find it very refreshing. Bri, the designs have changed so drastically and it is all because of you. Sandy, you are the best listener. Kyle, I couldn’t have made it without you. Bye Bubba. 

ODC: It all began with Mike Kulik falling out of a raft in attempt to save his can. Wharton will always be our spot, but do any of us even know who the Blueberry Monument was dedicated to? Dylan Dejanga, we can overcome any obstacle. Always remember if Reynolds can do it…

group shotPRSSA: You guys pulled off an incredible event and I am amazed how successful we were all year. Casey, I am honored to have been president of the club with such a great friend. 

Charlie and Carly: Honestly, I have always felt left out of our little love triangle because my name does not start with a C but I suppose I will get over that eventually. We can turn to each other for anything and I am fortunate to have met you both. Charlie, you probably are never going to get back your sweatshirt. McKenna is Jenna. Dats it, dats classy. 

Brier: Briers, GF, you certainly are not one in two. You are a shooting star in this vast galaxy and all the dark matter compiled together could not equal how grateful I am to have you met you. You are the strongest person I know both mentally and physically. I hope one day you look up into space and see Matthew McConaughey waving back at you because that is what you deserve. 

The boys: Jelani and Kegan, you guys have taught me that friendship is not based on how long you know a person, but how well you know that person. Also, cut back. David, I had the biggest crush on you sophomore year. Bryant, I currently have a crush on you. Danny, whenver I hear Send Me On My Way, you will be the only person that comes to mind. Eric, you’re alright. Kid, our friendship will never be normal but that’s what makes it ours.

MU homecomingProfessor Harmon, Harris and Furg: You have taught me so much about academics and life in general. Because of you three, I know I will be ready for the ‘real world.’ Professor Harris, you have made me feel like I actually know what I am doing when it comes to PR. Harmon, you just are the best. Furg, your talk radio class was probably the most entertaining course I have taken. Professor Condie, Oceanography was by far the most interesting course I have taken and it really did inspire me.

Michael: Hiiiiiiiii. I do not know if you will ever read this but regardless, it is going to be written. You are going to go so much farther than you can ever believe. The world is yours for the taking. Not everyone will think you are funny and that is fine, do not get discouraged. But the majority of people will think you are the bee’s knees and those are the right ones. Move to LA, get discovered, and be like Johnny Depp saying “I’m Peta Pan.”

gidgetMom and Dad: Thanks pals.

To Castlewall: I rarely love other humans since all the love I have to offer is occupied by Connie, Roscoe, Fireball, and Pollyanna but my love for you weird, disgusting, perfect group of people is so immense. In My Heart is a Memory Where You Will Always Be.

Kelly: Are we actually getting sentimental? In Rush, we shared Welch’s gummy snacks. In middle school, well middle school was dreadful so let’s skip this part. In high school, we would throw water balloons and hot dogs at people, scare everyone in senior courtyard, and became Mogs and Ken. In college, we escalated in being weird and have now fully perfected it as an art form. It will be odd when I have to go to school without you this fall but I know you will always be there. LA Life one day. I could not live without chu.

group picGidget: You are the Maddie to my Abby. You are the Max to my Grinch. You are the overload of butter to my popcorn. You really are my voice of reason. I hate that you live so far from Cinnaminson because you belong with us. Thank you for always driving us and never complaining, you’re a real sport (see what I did there, Gatsby reference). Hoody Hoo.

Rachel: While I know you must hear this all the time, you are one of the nicest people I have ever encountered. You always make sure to put others first and never ask for anything in return and I am a lucky woman to have someone like you by my side. I still do not understand how you are the only stingray to be able to live out of water but it’s cool it’s cool.

reynoldsKyle: I cannot believe how much you have changed over the past four years. We entered Elmwood together as two shy girls scared to leave their homes and their dogs. You have since become one of my most reliable and outgoing friends. Even though you are soft spoken, your personality is so loud and lively that I could not imagine our group without you. You make me puma pants.

Nicole: Hi bb, you’re awkward but embrace it. You are incredibly talented and any of your doodles could far surpass what people consider to be their masterpiece. Senior year would not have felt complete if you weren’t here every weekend. Be beeg. Also, Dobby was always my favorite Harry Potter character. 

Now that the tribute has commenced, let me share a sense of wisdom. If you thought high school was fast, you have no idea what you are in for when it comes to college. In my four years, I have learned a lot about life. No, I do not want to sound like an expert but I do have some words of advice:

michael21.) Do not be a nomad.

Taking your own path in life is never something to be ashamed of, but in college, you need to build connections. These connections are built by joining clubs, Greek life, sport teams; whatever it is, choose something and even more importantly, join more than one thing.

2.) Be wEIrD.

If you are not weird, your life is ordinary and no one ever wants to be ordinary. I would much rather be myself than portray a fake persona just for people to like me. Some will like it and others will not, but at least you can say you like who you are and no one can be mad at that. Just remember what Robin Williams said, “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

3.) Be Adventurous

Have fun and always embark on different endeavors, but never lose your innocence in the process. I cannot stress enough how important it is to expand your horizon in every possible field. Socially, academically, whatever the case, do not be confined. If you really want to live the life you always desired, you first have to leave the life you have been so comfortable living. You need to explore, test the waters, and find something that makes your truly happy. 

This portion of our lives may offer the only chance to do so. Always remember that if you are in a moment and recognize it, that moment can last forever.

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