And with this, I bid you adieu | Kyle Walter’s Senior Goodbye

familyIn my three years writing for The Outlook I always thought this would be the easiest article for me to write. That definitely is not the case. My time at Monmouth has given me so much to be grateful for and so many people to thank that there’s no way I could fit it all into one story, but I’ll try my best here.

Mom and Dad: What can I say? I couldn’t imagine having better parents. Your love, support, and wisdom has guided me throughout my life and helped me more than I can put into words. Simply knowing you guys are here for me has given me more strength and confidence than you could imagine. From the time you were my age until now both of you have done whatever it takes to give me, Andrew, and Jenna the opportunity to pursue our dreams, and I’ll forever be grateful for that. Whether it was getting up early every Sunday and heading to the baseball field with dad or watching unlimited movies and eating way to much candy at Blockbuster with mom you guys have given me memories I’ll cherish forever. When I grow old and have children of my own I can only hope they’ll have as much love, admiration, and appreciation for me as I have for you.

Every day I strive to make you two proud. Thank you. AC

Andrew and Jenna: You’ve been everything a brother can ask for in his siblings. Andrew, you’ve been my role model since before I can remember. I’ll never forget going for rides in the Jeep (RIP) or the late night conversations we’ve had about whatever one of us needed to talk about at the time. Whether I’m going through amazing or difficult times you’re the first one I want to talk with about it, and you have no idea how much I’ve learned from you. Jenna, it’s hard to believe there were nine years before you came into this world and completed the Walter family. You’ve grown up before my eyes and become an amazing young woman. I couldn’t be more proud to be your older brother. You can make me laugh easier and harder than anyone else I know. I love you both, and I can’t wait for all of us to grow stronger and closer as we take on our futures together. 


damapPhi Psi: It’s been a crazy ride. I can’t imagine my college experience without this fraternity and all it has given me. All of you have helped me grow as an individual and provided me with some of the best experiences of my life. Between the ridiculousness of homecomings and formals, painting the Boys & Girls Club, poker nights, and everything else, you’ve helped make my four years here great, and I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything. The fact that you guys elected me as your president last year means more to me than you probably realize. Everything I did and decision I made was with the betterment of the fraternity and each and every one of you in mind. Phi Psi NJ Beta is a part of who I am now, and I’m better for it. Although it’s been a bit of a difficult last semester for us, there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll come out of it better than we were before. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to take this four year journey with, and I whole heartedly consider all of you my brothers. Live Ever Die Never boys. 

phi psi

Chris and Brad: “The Bagel Guys.” You guys and everyone else that’s rocked the black and yellow have given me a home away from home, and you may never know how much you’ve truly helped me these last two years in so many different ways. There’s no way I could have found a better place to work in college, and it’s going to be tough leaving in a couple of months. I see you guys as two more older brothers that have helped make me who I am today. I’ve always been a quieter kid and no one has helped me break out of my shell more than you two. The respect and love you treat me and the rest of the staff with is something that can be hard to find with employers these days. Going into Bagel Guys never felt like going into work for me, it felt like going home. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I love you guys. kyle3

The Outlook: I’ve met so many amazing people in my two years as an editor, and this whole experience has been so much better than I ever thought it could be. This year may have been tough at points with things we couldn’t control, but it’s been an amazing experience and we all pulled through it together. I’ll never forget the trips to San Diego and Los Angeles and the countless hours spent in the office working together to make sure each issue was the best it could possibly be. I’ve learned a lot from each and every one of you and made some great memories in the process. Thank you guys for all the laughs. Maggie, you’ll always be my head sports-editor. 

DAMAP: You guys will never see this, but there’s no way I can forget my boys from the ‘Nock. If there’s one reason I’m excited to head back home this summer it’s the fact that I get to spend it with you guys. Rip City. 

outlookIt’s been an amazing four years at Monmouth, and it’s much sadder to see it come to an end than I ever would have thought. If I had to give any advice to younger classes reading this it would be to cherish every moment. Whether its 6am homecoming morning or 6am trying to finish that paper you were working on all night live in the moment and enjoy it. You’ll never believe how fast it goes by.