Tip of Cap 1

A Tip of the Cap to The Outlook: Mark D’Aquila’s Senior Goodbye

It was the very first day I walked into the Plangere building for my first day of Intro to Journalism Freshman year, that I was told I needed to go over to the prestigious, Outlook Office. I took the short walk past Hawk TV, past WMXC, and into the newsroom that I would eventually call my second home for the next four years. Little did I know that this office would soon be renamed after the legendary journalist, Linda Deutsch, and I would be her first ever scholarship recipient.

McNeil Retirement 1

Dr. Marilyn McNeil Announces Retirement

On June 30, 2021 Monmouth University’s Vice President and Director of Athletics, Dr. Marilyn McNeil will be officially retiring from the role she has served for the last 28 years. McNeil has spent 53 years total in the collegiate athletics field including her time as an athlete, coach, administrator and Athletics Director. “While I have […]