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“America’s Got Talent” Crowns Season 10 Winner

Season 10 of America’s Got Talent wrapped up on Wednesday, Sept. 16, and the winner turned out to be a crowd favorite.

The episode began with a montage of the season and the judges’ opinions of who was going to win, each saying that it was a hard decision because of all the talent. Up first was popular musical act the Craig Lewis Band, who performed a Foreigner song.

Following the commercial break were the three magicians: the first was Oz Perlman, who performed a card trick, followed by Derek Hughes and Freelusion with Uzeyer, all of whom put on impressive acts. 

Comedians Drew Lynch and Gary Vider hosted a “joke off,” which had the crowd in a constant state of laughter. 

Perhaps the most astonishing act was the Professional Regurgitator, a performer who, true to his name, swallows and then spits up various objects in near perfect condition. This act was a crowd favorite, but it did not take the crown. Neither did Piff The Magic Dragon or comedians Lynch and Vider. 

Taking the crown was none other than Paul Zerdin, professional ventriloquist. As part of his act, he pulled judge Howie Mandel on the stage and put a moving mask on him. Zerdin performed without touching Mandel and used him for comedic relief, making him do various tasks while acting as his voice. 

After the two-hour finale, Zerdin was finally announced as the winner and was overwhelmed with emotion; he began crying as the celebration was going on. Luckily, no dummies were harmed in the crowning of Zerdin.

America’s Got Talent will take place again next summer, Wednesdays on NBC.