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Dancing with TKE

Tau Kappa Epsilon held their annual “Dancing With TKE” competition on Wednesday, April 17 in Anacon Hall at 10:00 pm to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and for the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

The event allows for members of the Monmouth community to create dance routines and perform for judges who ultimately choose the top three acts.

Larry Ratajczak, philanthropy chair of TKE, said, “This was our fourth time doing ‘Dancing with  TKE’. The event was very successful. We raised over $1,700, with our goal being $1,300.”

The event was co-hosted by TKE brother Zachary Werkmeister and sophomore of Delta Phi Epsilon, Colette Mitola. Throughout the event, brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phil Nappen performed as DJ to provide a fun mood for the audience.

Werkmeister said, “I had a great co-host and a great time with this event. The contestants and audience had a good time. It was definitely a success.”

The judges were this year’s Big Man on Campus and member of the soccer team, Kevin Davis, senior of Sigma Pi, Anthony Galbo, brother of Theta Xi, Jordan Bloom, last year’s TKE sweetheart and sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, Sofia Mandia, and this year’s TKE sweetheart and sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, Eva Rosamilia. The judges offered critique and opinions throughout the event after seeing the contestants perform.

There were six total acts that performed their own routines. The first act was junior Mike Kumar who performed a break dance routine. The second act was junior Naomi Ovadia who performed a dance to “Alive” by Krewella. The third act was a group dance by eight sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha. They danced to a medley of “Your Body” by Christina Aguilera and “Thrift Shop” by Mackelmore. The fourth act was Kyle Hasslinger in a solo performance dressed as Batman. The fifth act was University faculty member Corey Littles who performed a break dance routine to a Chris Brown song. The sixth and final act was four members of the cheerleading team who danced to a medley of songs.

While the judges decided what the top three performances were, the hosts announced the audience raffle. First prize was $120 to Gold’s Gym and the second prize was $25 to Tiki Tan.

After all of the performances, the judges came up with the top three winners. In third place was Mike Kumar who won a $10 gift certificate to Bagel Guys, a $10 gift certificate to Windmill, a $10 gift certificate to Nelly’s, and a gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The hosts then announced that the judges decided there was a tie between the cheerleaders and Corey Littles. In order to break the tie the two acts had a 30 second dance off to the song “Milkshake.” After the dance-off the hosts rated the performance based on audience applause. Ultimately, Corey Littles took first place leaving the cheerleading team in second place.

The second place winner received $25 to It’s Greek to Me, $10 to Windmill, $15 to Nelly’s, and a gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings. The first place winner received four entrees to Turning Point, a free meal to Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificates and two meals to Shaka.

Ratajczak said, “Some other events we do to raise money for St. Jude’s are a car smash, Tank a TKE, and a dodge ball tournament in the fall.”